2007 Draft Recap: Doug Datish

Doug Datish

Height: 6-4
Weight: 302
College: Ohio State
Birthday: August 1, 1983

40 Speed: 5.13
20 Yd: 2.99
10 Yd: 1.75
Bench: 31 reps
Vertical Jump: 27 inches
Broad Jump: 8’6″
Short Shuttle: 4.65
3 Cone Drill: 7.51
Arm Length: 31.75 inches
Hand size: 9 inches

NFL Draft Countdown
by Scott WrightStrengths: Good quickness, athleticism and mobility…Has the frame to add some weight and bulk up…Is extraordinarily versatile with starting experience at center, guard and tackle…Is technically sound and does all the little things…Nasty and plays with a killer instinct…Smart and a hard worker with good intangibles…Has some upside.Weaknesses: Was never able to focus on mastering a single position…Has short arms…Needs to get bigger…Does not get much of an initial push…Plays too high at times and needs to display more consistent leverage…Not overly strong or powerful…Can be too aggressive…A ‘tweener who might not be a perfect fit at any pro position.Notes: His father, Mike, played for the Buckeyes in the mid 1970’s…Played guard early in his career, left tackle as a junior and then moved to center as a senior to replace Nick Mangold…Not nearly the prospect that Mangold was but his ability to play all over the offensive line leads you to believe that at the absolute least he could be an extremely valuable backup at the next level and potentially a whole lot more.

Grade: Mid-Rounder

by TFY Draft PreviewPOSITIVES: Smart, hard-working blocker who is best in a small area. Quick in all his actions and stays with assignments. Immediately picks up stunts or twists, makes effective use of body positioning and walls defenders from the action.NEGATIVES: Does not dominate in the middle of the line and falls off blocks. On the ground a bit much. Must improve the shotgun snaps.ANALYSIS: A durable lineman with the versatility to be used at several positions, Datish comes off a terrific senior season and has elevated his draft stock. Does not possess great upside yet is a polished blocker who could fill several roles at the next level.

PROJECTION: Late Fourth Round

GRADE: 3.53 — Future Starter

by NFLDraftScout.comPositives: Has a well-proportioned frame with good chest thickness, developing upper-body arm muscles and has room to add at least another 15 pounds of bulk with no loss in quickness. … Natural mover off the snap with smooth footwork in his kick slide and retreat to protect the pocket. … Has nimble feet on the move, showing ease of movement sliding left or right. … Gets out of his stance quickly and has the short-area burst to block in the second level. … Natural knee bender who does an effective job breaking down in space. … Very intelligent player who not only calls blocking assignments, but knows the plays for every position on the line. … Very alert to stunts and twists and does a good job of firing out of his stance with a strong hand punch to jolt. … More of a position-and-sustain type of finesse blocker, but consistently maintains hand position to sustain. … Keeps his pads down and plays with a solid base; it is rare to see him go to the ground. … Keeps his feet moving and shows patience; he won’t lunge just to make a block. … Quick out of stance on pulls and traps, squaring his shoulders properly while keeping his hands in front to widen the rush lane. … Has the hip snap to break down and adjust downfield. … Shows the alertness and agility to recover in his pass set, sliding his feet laterally to mirror the rusher. … Does a good job of getting his hands inside the opponent and generates a functional pop on contact (more finesse, though). … Was one of the best deep snappers in high school (not asked to snap in college). … Has the incline quickness to get into position and sustain.Negatives: Needs to increase his overall bulk and improve his lower-body strength; he tends to lose anchor at times, especially vs. stunts. … Doesn’t have the hand punch or brute strength to drive an opponent off the ball. … Knows angles and sticks to his blocks, but without more strength, he won’t be able to match up vs. the bigger NFL nose guards. … Must strike with more force (lacks a strong hand punch), but does a good job of keeping his hands inside. … Also must be more active with those hands in attempts to lock on and control (still learning how to grab).Compares To: Brad Meester, Jacksonville — Like Meester, Datish’s versatility will see him get drafted higher than his draft stock indicates. He has good short-area quickness and nimble feet, but must learn to shoot his hands with a stronger punch and improve his lower-body strength to maintain position vs. stunts. At the Senior Bowl practices, he was having trouble vs. strength moves, which is to be expected due to his lower-body power issues. But he also struggled to pick up the quick stunts.

The Huddle Report
by Drew BoylhartSTRENGTHS: Doug is an excellent center with leadership skills and overall techniques that put him right up there with the better centers in any draft. He has good size and has no problems at all with the shotgun snap. He is in total control of the offensive line, the offensive line calls and does not make many mistakes. He is a fast learner and has improved dramatically from the beginning of the year to now with his line calls. Doug shows good quickness out of his stance and shows excellent strength and leverage when blocking a player right on his nose. He shows good lateral agility to help out his guards when needed and does a solid job with his combo blocks. Doug is an excellent center that has proven guard experience; however, for me personally, his value as a center is much higher because of his on the field maturity and because he is one smart Buckeye.NEEDS TO IMPROVE: Doug lacks some foot speed to go out and block a linebacker. This is not a problem at the college level, but it will be noted for the next level. This will not stop Doug from becoming one of the best centers at the next level, however it may affect where he is picked in the draft. Picky, picky, picky.OVERALL: Although Doug is not as athletically talented as Nick Mangold his teammate from last year, he is as good a leader and technician as Nick was. If you are a team that is up against a lot of 3-4 defensive teams in your division and you need a center that can help you right away, you might want to pick this kid up as fast as you can. If you are a team that goes up against any defense and you need a center, you had better not wait too long because this kid will be gone. If you are a team picking in the top ten of the second round and you need a center, then you are a fool passing on this kid because he has enough talent to be taken in the latter part of the 1st round. It’s his leadership and strength that make him so intriguing to me. You cannot put enough of a value on leadership. I think that the Jets might have taken a page from my draft book last year and the benefits are showing up big time for them already. Picking Ferguson and Mangold (whom I had listed in my personal top ten picks of that draft) might have shown the rest of the league that if you want to build a team really fast, then you must pick offensive lineman with leadership qualities and talent. If you pick players that have both these skills at any one of the O-line positions, you will see that the LTI ratio for an impact starter will be very quick and rewarding.


On The Clock DraftDoug Datish is a versatile player with a good deal of experience. He has started at tackle, guard and center during his time at Ohio State. He is an intelligent player and an extremely hard worker. He has the “mean streak” you like to see in an offensive lineman. He is a quick, athletic lineman who is able to pull and hit moving targets. His athleticism allows him to get to the second level in the running game. He displays good overall technique and he does a good job of finishing his blocks. Datish isn’t very strong at the point of attack and he needs to work on getting better leverage on his opponents. He would benefit from bulking up and increasing his strength and he does have the frame in which to do so. Doug Datish is a versatile player who has started all along the offensive line. He lacks the size and long arms to be a successful tackle at the next level. His best position is most likely going to be center in the NFL. If he can get bigger and stronger he could develop into a starting center at the professional level. He should be a second day pick in the 2007 NFL draft.

Football’s Future
by Robert DavisDoug Datish was a standout guard and tackle his first three seasons at Ohio St. Now that center Nick Mangold has left after being a first round pick of the Jets, Datish has moved inside to the center position.Datish has shown the ability to standout at every spot along the offensive line. His first two seasons in college, he played well at guard, but as a junior was shifted to left tackle and more than held his own. This season he has moved inside to guard to fill the big shoes of Nick Mangold. He has solid size, and shows the athleticism to move his feet laterally, along with getting out and blocking on the move. Datish will finish his blocks and drive his man into the ground at every opportunity.The only issue with Datish is that he may need to pack on a few pounds and get stronger at the next level. He lacks the power to drive players off the ball, and the pure bulk to be able to stand a 16 game schedule.

Most of his experience has come at positions other than center, but that is the position he projects best at in the NFL. His lack of power at the point of attack isn’t as great at center, but his ability to pull and block on the move is ideal for the spot. He is not as highly regarded as Mangold was a year ago, but he is one of the top centers available in this years draft.

Draft Ace
by Ryan McCrystalStrengths: Smart, technically sound lineman with experience at the highest level. Excels in pass protection; keeps a steady, wide base and shows good balance. A nasty run blocker that gets physical down in the trenches.Weaknesses: Lacks ideal quickness and athleticism. Doesn’t have the strength to match up well with dominant nose tackles.Comments: Datish is a solid prospect with experience all along the offensive line. He may be best suited for guard, where he primarily played before replacing Nick Mangold at center his senior year. He projects as a mid round selection.

Draft Board Insider
by Curtis PopejoyPOSITIVES: Datish is one of the most versatile interior linemen in the nation. Not huge, but is pretty athletic, and plays very hard, through the whistle, on every single play. He looked great as a guard last season, but even better this year at center. Keeps his butt low, and regularly beats bigger players, one on one. Very smart and experienced player, and shows his leadership, making the o-line calls for the Buckeyes. Looks to be the next great Ohio State offensive lineman, and although he’s not a big-time prospect right now, he’s sure to move up draft boards.NEGATIVES: Really only has one season at center, and for some systems, may be better suited to play guard. Not the most athletic guy, and like most players, will need to get bigger and stronger to sustain the level of physical play, in the NFL. Had big shoes to fill, following Nick Mangold, and that alone, will diminish what Datish has done this year.FINAL WORD: This is a pretty good draft at center, and that will move Datish down some. He’s got a nasty attitude, is an experienced starter, and from a technical standpoint, very sound. He’ll find a team that can give him time to beef up a little, get him some reps early, perhaps at guard, and he’ll be a ten year starter in this league. I expect to see Datish to work out very well, show up big in an all star game, and really open some eyes.

Consensus Draft ServicesOverview: Has played a number of positions for the Buckeyes. Came into his own in 2006 as the starting center replacing Nick Mangold.Strengths: Technically sound. Has a big frame and keeps hands on you until the play is over. Good athlete for his size. Has played a number of different positions on the offensive line. Mean streak.Weaknesses: Is not in great shape. Looks maxed out. A bit overrated and may be living off Nick Mangold’s name. Hasn’t had a lot of starting experience at any one position. What is his true position?

Projection: Datish is one of the better center prospects and will most likely land in the early parts of day 2.

Northwest ScoutingVersatile. Can play Guard or Center. Athletic, heady and hard working technician. Tough guy who possesses a mean streak and a very solid punch. Quick setting up, gets good position and walls off defender well. Has good agility and balance and moves well laterally. Very solid run blocker. Can pull and get to secondary blocks. Takes good angles, reads defenses well and works hard to finish assignments. Arms are not very long. Possesses solid strength, but doesn’t always use it to his advantage. Needs to anchor better at point of attack, as he can be pushed back in short-yardage situations. Struggles against larger two-gap Defensive Tackles when he loses leverage. Can be beat by speed. Will lunge and lose balance in the open field. Has frame for additional 8-10 lbs. Best fit is in zone blocking scheme where one on one blocking is minimized. Fifth rounder. Cincinnati, Denver and Indianapolis are all day two possibilities. Similar to: Shaun O’Hara.

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