Falcons 2015 Coaching Carousel

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Former Falcons head coach Mike Smith

Due to the firing of Mike Smith, the Atlanta Falcons are in the market for a new head coach. Here’s a breakdown of who are candidates for the gig:


Jan. 2: Adam Gase, Broncos Off. Coordinator (bio) (story) (source)
Jan. 2: Josh McDaniels, Patriots Off. Coordinator (bio) (story) (source)
Jan. 3: Dan Quinn, Seahawks Def. Coordinator (bio) (story) (source)
Jan. 4: Keith Armstrong, Falcons ST Coordinator (bio) (story)
Jan. 5: Doug Marrone, former Bills head coach (bio) (story) (source)
Jan. 6: Rex Ryan, former Jets head coach (bio) (story) (source)
Jan. 9: Teryl Austin, Lions Def. Coordinator (bio) (story) (source)
Jan. 10: Todd Bowles, Cardinals Def. Coordinator (bio) (story) (source)
Jan. 14: Todd Bowles (story) (source) (cancelled)
Jan. 15: Teryl Austin (story) (source)
Jan. 19: Dan Quinn (source)

Interest (rumored):

Hue Jackson, Bengals Off. Coordinator (bio) (story)


Jan. 12: Rex Ryan, hired by Buffalo Bills (story)
Jan. 14: Todd Bowles, hired by New York Jets (story)

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  1. I know that many are down on McDaniels, but two things make me have faith in him:
    1. As DEN HC, he recognized during training camp that Jay Cutler was a not going to be good and ran him out of town. History has proven him to be right.
    2. Belichick brought him back as OC. He did not bring back others who had become HCs (Weiss, Crennel). He would not have done so if he did not believe in him.

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