2016 Atlanta Falcons Free Agency Tracker


Monitoring all the latest on the Atlanta Falcons’ free-agent activity, including signings, cuts, visits and interest in 2016. You can view the team’s free agents here.


DE Dwight Freeney, Cardinals (story) (signed on 8/2; 1 yr./$2 million)
LB Courtney Upshaw, Ravens (story) (signed on 3/25; 1 yr./$1.25 million)
LB LaRoy Reynolds, Bears (story) (signed on 3/16; 1 yr./$675,000)
WR Aldrick Robinson, ex-Ravens (story) (signed on 3/15; 1 yr./$675,000)
CB DeMarcus Van Dyke, ex-Vikings (story) (signed on 3/15; 1 yr./$675,000)
S Damian Parms, ex-Falcons (story) (signed on 3/15; 1 yr./$450,000)
OT Tom Compton, Redskins (story) (signed on 3/15; 1 yr.)
LB Sean Weatherspoon, Cardinals (story) (signed on 3/11; 1 yr./$1.5 million)
WR Mohamed Sanu, Bengals (story) (signed on 3/10; 5 yrs./$32.5 million)
DE Derrick Shelby, Dolphins (story) (signed on 3/9; 4 yrs./$18 million)
OC Alex Mack, Browns (story) (signed on 3/9; 5 yrs./$45 million)
QB Matt Schaub, Ravens (story) (signed on 3/9; 1 yr./$1.75 million)


TE Beau Gardner (waived on 4/22)
OG Adam Replogle (waived on 4/22)
LB Nate Stupar (link) (not tendered RFA; signed by Saints on 3/16; 3 yrs.)
LB/DE O’Brien Schofield (story) (UFA)
OC Gino Gradkowski (link) (UFA; signed by Panthers on 3/10; 3 yrs.)
DT Paul Soliai (story) (released on 3/9; post-June 1 cut; signed by Panthers on 3/14; 2 yrs.)
WR Roddy White (story) (released on 3/2)
FB Collin Mooney (story) (waived on 2/15)
CB Travis Howard (story) (waived on 2/15)
LB Justin Durant (story) (released on 2/8)
S William Moore (story) (released on 2/8)


OG Chris Chester (story) (UFA; re-signed on 4/20; 1 yr./$2.6 million)
OT Ryan Schraeder (story) (RFA; re-signed on 4/7; 1 yr./$2.553 million)
LB Philip Wheeler (story) (UFA; re-signed on 3/24)
S Ricardo Allen (story) (ERFA; re-signed on 3/17; 1 yr./$525,000)
LB Paul Worrilow (RFA; re-signed on 3/16; 1 yr./$2.553 million)
S Charles Godfrey (story) (UFA; re-signed on 3/14; 1 yr./$965,000)
OT Bryce Harris (UFA; re-signed on 3/10; 1 yr./$820,000)
DE Adrian Clayborn (story) (UFA; re-signed on 3/9; 2 yrs./$9 million)

Scheduled Visits

CB Brandon Boykin, ex-Panthers (5/23) (story) (signed by Bears on 7/28)
DE Dwight Freeney, Cardinals (6/1) (story) (signed by Falcons on 8/2; 1 yr./$2 million)
CB Leon Hall, Bengals (5/3) (story)
LB Courtney Upshaw, Ravens (3/24) (story) (signed by Falcons on 3/25; 1 yr./$1.25 million)
OG Ted Larsen, Cardinals (3/24) (story) (signed by Bears on 3/31; 1 yr.)
LB Sean Weatherspoon, Cardinals (3/11) (story) (signed by Falcons on 3/11; 1 yr./$1.5 million)
DE Chris Long, ex-Rams (3/10) (story) (signed by Patriots on 3/15; 1 yr.)
WR Mohamed Sanu, Bengals (3/10) (story) (signed by Falcons on 3/10; 5 yrs./$32.5 million)
LB James Laurinaitis, ex-Rams (3/8) (story) (signed by Saints on 3/16; 3 yrs.)

Rumored Interest

OG Jeff Allen, Chiefs (source: FOX Sports; signed by Texans on 3/9; 4 yrs./$28 million)
LB/S Mark Barron, Rams (source: ESPN; re-signed by Rams on 3/9; 5 yrs./$45 million)
WR Travis Benjamin, Browns (source: ESPN; signed by Chargers on 3/9; 4 yrs/$24 million)
TE Jared Cook, ex-Rams (source: NFL.com; signed by Packers on 3/28; 1 yr./$2.75 million)
LB Jerrell Freeman, Colts (story; signed by Bears on 3/12; 3 yrs./$12 million)
DE Tamba Hali, Chiefs (source: Atlanta Falcons.com; re-signed by Chiefs on 3/8; 3 yrs./$22 million)
S George Iloka, Bengals (source: Cincinnati Enquirer; re-signed by Bengals on 3/9; 5 yrs./$30 million)
LB Bruce Irvin, Seahawks (source: NFL.com; signed by Raiders on 3/9; 4 yrs./$37 million)
DE Chandler Jones (source: NE Patriots Draft; traded by Patriots to Cardinals on 3/15)
WR Marvin Jones, Bengals (source: NFL.com; signed by Lions on 3/9; 5 yrs./$40 million)
OC Alex Mack, Browns (source: Bleacher Report; signed by Falcons on 3/9)
S Reggie Nelson, Bengals (source: ESPN; signed by Raiders on 4/6; 2 yrs./$12 million)
OT Mitchell Schwartz, Browns (source: Cleveland Plain Dealer; signed by Chiefs on 3/9; 5 yrs./$33 million)
OG J.R. Sweezy, Seahawks (source: NFL.com; signed by Buccaneers on 3/9; 5 yrs./$32.5 million)
LB Danny Trevathan, Broncos (source: Denver Post; signed by Bears on 3/9; 4 yrs/$28 million)

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