A cold, harsh reality

Well, it’s that time of year again. The draft is over, and we’ve spent the past 48 hours or so revelling in grading the picks, and seeing what undrafted guys we pick up. Now reality sets in and for the football fan, that reality is cold and harsh. For those unlucky few of us that aren’t in good travelling distance, we won’t be able to see the rookies first hand at May mini-camps and what not. We’ll listen unabatedly to what the sportswriter and other fans say about it, but frankly, what a player does in May and June matters little to what he can contribute in September. Two very good examples: Alvis Whitted and Roddy White. I recall many people being dazzled by Mr. Whitted a few years back by his speed and hands in the early summer mini-camps. But once the pads went on in August, he disappeared. Roddy also was a player that dazzled the coaching staff from his early work, but when it came to what he could contribute early in the year, it was nothing. Granted, Roddy had some other excuses namely an injury and contract holdout that slowed down his momentum. But my point is that August and September is a long way away from May and June in football terms, just like December and January is a whole different epoch compared to September as well. So I’m not going to get too psyched if Jimmy Williams dazzles in mini-camps, because it means basically squat when it comes to what he’s going to do against the Panthers on opening day.

My lone solace may be watching more NBA playoffs, but I’m not going to be happy about it.

On pseudo-Falcon related news, I’m hearing indications that many are expecting a holdout from new Saints running back Reggie Bush. This is stocked under pseudo-Falcon news, because like it or not Bush’s contract status greatly effects the Falcons. A holdout obviously means Reggie misses camp, and missing camp for a running back equates to a slow start to the season. And a pain in my stomach has been steadily increasing since the past Saturday on a fear of a “coming out” party for Mr. Bush come Week 3 on Monday Night. Then the Falcons will get a taste of facing the sort of deadly offensive presence that we’ve been serving up to opponents the past five years in the form of Michael Vick.

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