A Feeding Frenzy

With all the things surrounding Terrell Owens with his alleged suicide attempt, I have to say I’m glad we didn’t get him.

I’m not really going to go into whether he really did or did not commit suicide, because A) I don’t care all that much and B) I don’t want to jump to any conclusions prematurely.

And speaking of prematurely, God must really hate me. My little spiel about Steve Hoffman must not have sat well with the Big Guy Upstairs, because our special teams really sucked this past Monday Night, which obviously sours me on the guy that I have been continuously praising the past few months: Joe DeCamillis.

And of course it was the Lord’s doing that caused our special teams to suck, because after all it was Him that supposedly healed Shaun Alexander’s broken foot in 2 days. I used to think when football players praised Him for helping them win the football game, it was a crock thinking “Yeah, sure, if by him you’re referring to your offensive coordinator or the fact that Bryan Scott missed another tackle, etc.” But obviously, I’ll have to change those beliefs.

But back to Terrell Owens. There was a time in the not too distant past where I would have advocated that the Falcons acquire a receiver like T.O. or Randy Moss. Guys that are lightning rods to media attention, but at the same time damn fine wide receivers. But now I see wrong. Even if T.O. or Randy is on their best behavior, they cause such a media feeding frenzy that they create a distraction whether they want to or not. Seriously, when it comes to players like these, T.O. particularly, what we view as quality media institutions such as ESPN, the New York Times, or the Dallas Morning News, are nothing more than tabloids. It really is sickening. Every little thing that these players do, good, bad, or neutral makes front page headlines across the nation. Terrell Owens can never have a season like he did in 2004, where he was far more boon than bane. Why? Because the media won’t let him. Everything he does is undermining the team. So regardless of his alleged suicidal tendencies, I feel sorry for Terrell Owens in that way, because the media is aiding in the limiting of his playing career. I know many of you reading this could care less about T.O. and think that he deserves everything he gets, but I do have a bit of compassion in me.

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Aaron Freeman
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