Adopting a new draft strategy

Okay, originally I was all about Adrian Peterson. But less so now. The more I’m hearing about LaRon Landry, the more I want him. I’m just intrigued with the comparisons to Brian Dawkins.

If Landry is indeed potentially that good, then I say take him. Peterson is a hugely talented running back, but finding quality at that position is much easier than finding a Dawkins-esque safety.

Not to mention, I believe the safety class is pretty weak once you get past Landry and Reggie Nelson. Michael Griffin doesn’t impress me. I think he would be a middle round prospect if not for the fact he went to Texas. Had he gone to Washington State or something, we would be talking about him as a fourth rounder as opposed to a potential first rounder. And Brandon Meriweather is simply a thug. The very fact that Meriweather felt it was necessary for him to legally possess a gun while in college says a lot.

The running back class is a lot deeper, when you consider the Falcons meager needs at that position. We really only need a power runner that can be a complement to Dunn/Norwood’s speed. I really like Brian Leonard, but there are others. And of course there is Michael Bush. His medical issues will have to be monitored, but if he’s going to be 100% by November, I say take a chance on him.

I’m favoring the draft strategy of trading up to get Landry rather than going after Peterson or Calvin Johnson. I think we may have to leapfrog the Vikings for that to occur. I’m sure they too want Landry. Darren Sharper probably won’t be a Viking after this season, so getting his replacement now would be a good move for them.

The Redskins definitely are looking to trade down. But now there’s talk with them shipping the No. 6 pick to Chicago. But even if they do, I suspect the only player that high in the draft that would interest the Bears would be Amobi Okoye, and they can move down two spots, pick up an extra 3rd round pick and still get him no problem by trading with us.

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