Are the Falcons a playoff team?

If they are, I think we have only seen glimpses of it. I think that was on display in the first halves of each of the past two games against Seattle and Green Bay. Particularly Green Bay, where the offense looked dynamic and the defense looked stout.

Is that Falcon team going to be able to show up for more than just two quarters in any game? Are the Falcons going to make a habit of starting strong, but then at halftime when it comes to making adjustments they will struggle?

If that is the case, then it’s hard to see this team being a playoff team. The Falcons offense scored six second half points against Seattle and none against the Packers. That does not sound like a team on the verge of making the playoffs.

The season is long, and they have 11 more games to get their act together, but are they going to have to go 8-3 in those games in order to do so? I guess we will get a real measurement of where this team is at in the next few games, as we play the Panthers and Saints at home, and the Lions and Colts on the road. The Lions and Saints definitely look like teams thus far that are on the verge of the playoffs. And while the Panthers and Colts are near or at the bottom of the league, we will get a good measuring stick to see if the Falcons belong in either one of those groups by how strong they look against the latter and/or how timid they look against the former.

I believe Falcon fans have been waiting for five weeks to see the playoff-caliber football team that we were all told was in Flowery Branch. We are still waiting…

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