Blank issues letter to fans

In their second overall, yet arguably first official statement following the indictment of Michael Vick, Falcons owner Arthur Blank issued a letter to the fan base on Thursday evening:

A Message to our Fans:

We know you’re anxious to her more from us regarding the indictment of Michael Vick and its implications to the Falcons. Please be assured that we are working diligently on exploring our options and getting the right people involved in this situation.

This is an emotionally charged and complicated matter. There are a wide range of interests and legal issues that need to be carefully considered as we move ahead, including our need to respect the due process that Michael is entitled to. Also, this situation affects everyone — our club, our players and associates, our sponsors, our fans and the Atlanta community among them — so we must consider all of our customers in making any decisions.

Given the differing perspctives and strong feelings around this issue, we probably won’t make everyone happy, but we are committed to doing the right thing. As the owner of this club that’s, ultimately, my responsibility.

In the meantime, know that I’m sadden and distressed about this — not for myself, but for our fans and community who have been so loyal to us. We will do our very best to continue to earn your support.

Arthur M. Blank
Owner & CEO

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  1. Get rid of Vick, plain and simple. This is a no brainer….your going to lose alot if you don’t.

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