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I will have to say that I’m quite upset to see the Texans pass on Bush which allowed him to go to New Orleans. I’m also very concerned about the lack of concern that some of my fellow Falcon fans are showing about this development. Fact is, we’ve been lucky over the past 5 years in that we haven’t had to deal with an offensive weapon in the same caliber of Vick. Bush is just that, and now it puts a ton of pressure on Mora and our defense to play smart and ably. Now onto the Falcons…

2nd Round: Jimmy Williams, CB, Virginia Tech

What I Like: He will be joining an ex-teammate and close friend in DeAngelo Hall, so his chances of being able to produce quickly increases. His size and athleticism make him a potential Pro Bowler.

What I Don’t Like: Lack of experience and still has a ton of refining to do. Also I feel his upside is higher at safety where he can be a Sean Taylor-type player. I don’t see being a Chris McAlister-type corner in his future.

3rd Round: Jerious Norwood, RB, Mississippi State

What I Like: His speed and the fact that’s a quick cutting runner like Dunn. I think of him as a slightly younger version of Dunn.

What I Don’t Like: I didn’t like that he lacked RB thighs as he looks and runs more like a WR than a back. But my opinion changed once I discovered he could squat 500, basically the same as DeAngelo Williams and Laurence Maroney.

5th Round: Quinn Ojinnaka, OT, Syracuse

What I Like: His athleticism makes him a solid potential starter in our scheme.

What I Don’t Like: He’s a project because he needs time to add strength. Basically, just like the Omiyale and Michael Thompson picks before, we are unlikely to get much from him until his third or fourth year.

6th Round: Adam Jennings, WR, Fresno State

What I Like: He has YAC ability and it shows the Falcons are serious about getting the best player on returns.

What I Don’t Like: Has yet to score on a return in his career and has little to no upside on offense. A player I seriously doubt will make the team. Seems like DeAndra Cobb, but without Cobb’s potential on offense.

7th Round: D.J. Shockley, QB, Georgia

What I Like: High character guy that brings similar skills to the offense that Vick does and down the road can be a very good backup.

What I Don’t Like: A project that is probably four or five years away from contributing significantly. Can we afford to wait that long? He’s not in the same class as Seneca Wallace or David Garrard, two players that have developed into competent backups early in their careers.

Based on the draft picks alone, this is a B or B- draft. I really believe that come September, we may see only Williams and Norwood on the roster, with one or two of the other guys on the practice squad. But ask Etric Pruitt and Quincy Wilson and soon-to-be DeAndra Cobb, that being a draft pick on the practice squad is a kiss of death since Mora became coach. The problem is that besides Williams helping in the nickel, it’s doubtful short of injuries or an unexpected release, none of these rookies will see the field in notable playing time. Norwood would be lucky to get 50 touches this year being the No. 3 back. Ojinnaka will likely be deactivated for 17 weeks, as would Shockley.

But when you factor in Abraham and Crocker, this draft becomes an A or A-. That is if Abraham plays at a Pro Bowl level, and Crocker is a significant upgrade over last year’s starters.

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