Camp Battles ’10: Quarterback

John Parker Wilson

John Parker Wilson

As was the case last season, I will be going through each position highlighting camp battles and previewing what fans should be looking for in training camp and preseason. Let’s start things off with the quarterback position.

There appears to be a lot less competition at this position this summer than there was a year ago. With the Falcons recent release of D.J. Shockley, they currently only have three quarterbacks on the roster. Most teams do like to bring in four quarterbacks just to fill out practices, so it’s possible that the Falcons could make a move in the coming weeks at the position. But even so, that player likely would be competing for a practice squad position. The roster seems to be locked in with Ryan as the starter, Redman as the backup, and Wilson as the guy holding the clipboard at No. 3.

The possibility for any jostling of the depth chart would occur on the back end. With a strong summer, Wilson could make a move up the depth chart. But it’s doubtful that the team would cut Redman for the young upstart considering the Falcons expect to make a playoff push this season. And depth (particularly experience) at the quarterback could make all the difference in such a push.

If Wilson does not have a strong summer, there is also the possibility that the Falcons will only keep two passers on the roster and try to get Wilson on the practice squad. Many teams are doing that nowadays to keep another roster position open. Although it would seem doubtful that at this point that Wilson would clear waivers.

There is a slight possibility that the Falcons may have their answer for the fourth arm in camp if they give wide receiver Kerry  Meier some reps there. Meier was the starting quarterback at Kansas for a portion of his freshman season. Undrafted rookie Tim Buckley also played quarterback in college, so he too would be an option.

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