Camp Battles 2011: Quarterback

While it’s still unknown when exactly NFL training camps will open, this is about the time of year when we begin to start looking at what is going to happen when they do. As typical, it’s time to take a position-by-position look at what to expect when camp does commence and what roster battles will unfold for the Falcons. If/when, undrafted and veteran free agency occurs, subsequent and corresponding updates will be made.

At the quarterback position, it’s unknown if the Falcons will try and bring in a fourth arm without any form of free agency. But even if they do, whomever that player is will face long odds to get significant reps. Without a typical off-season and the possibility of a condensed preseason schedule, the Falcons will probably be giving Matt Ryan more reps than usual to get him ready for the regular season.

It means that a premium will be placed on passers that know the offense and can remain functional and ready without a ton of reps. If there is going to be a position battle at this position, it may come in the form of an open competition for the No. 2 spot between Chris Redman and John Parker Wilson. Redman is entering a contract year, and Wilson his third year in the system. The time is ripe for Wilson to push Redman enough to outright take the job or at least inspire enough confidence that the team can opt to not bring Redman back.

But again, due to the team’s desire to get Ryan ready for the season, they are not going to spare a ton of snaps. So whomever wins the job is really going to have to hit the ground running. It’ll be interesting to see if Wilson’s extra time spent at Camp Exile will benefit him.

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