Camp Battles 2011: Safeties

The safety position is relatively settled compared to most of the defense. The Falcons are firm at the starting positions, and already have their top backup penciled in.

William Moore and Thomas DeCoud will come back for another year as starters, and hopefully will begin to grow together. DeCoud particularly needs to have a stronger year since he is on the verge of free agency after the season. Moore needs to prove he can stay healthy, after being plagued by injuries throughout the first year of his career.

The top backup position will likely go to Shann Schillinger, replacing Erik Coleman. Schillinger is coming off an ankle injury, which reports indicate is only at about 85% as of the beginning of the month. Getting him back to full speed will be important. If not, then the Falcons may seek to add a veteran as an insurance policy, similar to what they did last summer with Matt Giordano.

Rafael Bush is the other safety on the roster and stands a decent chance of making the roster after spending most of last season on the practice squad. However the Falcons likely will want to add another couple of bodies to promote competition, particularly some bigger, more physical strong safeties. That likely will come in undrafted free agency. The Falcons are likely to keep only four safeties, with an open competition for that final spot.

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