Carroll might still be interested?

While past sources indicated that the chances of Pete Carroll becoming the Falcons next head coach was a high unlikelihood, ESPN continues to report that the door has not completely closed on the idea. ESPN’s Len Pasquarelli reports that the Falcons and Carroll remain in contact despite the notion that he is leaning towards remaining at the University of Southern California.

According to Pasquarelli’s report, the Falcons are wishing to meet with Carroll sometime this weekend. Carroll is currently on vacation in Hawaii, and is not expected to return to the mainland until Monday when USC begins their spring semester according to a report. Carroll spoke to Falcons owner Arthur Blank on Wednesday in what has been described as a “cordial” conversation and seems to be in the process of still mulling over whether he wants to make a return to the NFL.

A likely cause of him making such a decision will be determined by how much power Blank is willing to grant him within the organization. It’s been no secret that Carroll has sought complete control over personnel within an organization as the only thing that might tempt him back to the pros. According to reports, Blank close to granting such a concession to Carroll. Such a move would presumably end the simultaneous search for a general manager and head coach.

Pasquarelli also reports that the team will interview prospective head coach Jim Schwartz today as well. Despite the team’s interest in Carroll, it is not expected that their coaching and GM search will slow down.

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