Charges dropped against Babineaux

Felony animal cruelty charges against Falcons defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux were dismissed on Wednesday according to an AJC report. The charges stemmed from the death of Babineaux’s girlfriend’s dog “Kilo” in February.

According to the AJC report, the charges were dropped after an extensive investigation could not come to a consensus among experts about the cause of death and how the injury occurred. An autopsy revealed that Kilo died of blunt-force trauma to the head, but whether that was inflicted by Babineaux could not be determined.

The dog had a history of unprovoked attacks and a dog trainer had informed Babineaux to spin the dog by its leash when it became aggressive. According to Babineaux’s lawyer, the dog was acting aggressively towards Babineaux and his infant son, and Babineaux engaged in the spinning technique which resulted in the dog’s death from it striking a wall.

Babineaux faced potential suspension from the NFL had he been indicted by a Gwinnett County grand jury.

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