Derek Anderson still an option?

It was reported that when the Browns re-signed Anderson to his three-year contract, the first of his bonuses was deferred until April. Why does that matter? Because it means the Browns can trade him between now and then without any cap consequences.

When the Browns traded Leigh Bodden, it opened up a hole at cornerback. Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t think the Browns plan to go into this season with Daven Holly as a starter.

Previously, it’s been speculated on a draft site that the Falcons would trade DeAngelo Hall to Cleveland for Brady Quinn. Now, personally I don’t think that trade makes a lot of sense. But I do think we might see Hall traded to Cleveland for Derek Anderson.

Oh no, not in a straight up deal. But if the Falcons offered a 2nd round pick and Hall for Anderson, I think that would be a proposal that the Browns would think about. Whether they actually pull the trigger is completely up to speculation. But it’s something to think about.

Anderson’s acquisition would mean that the Falcons wouldn’t have to use either their first or second round picks on a quarterback, and could now use their top pick on an offensive or defensive lineman, and then still have a second round pick to address needs at other positions if need be.

Just something to think about going forward.

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