Draft Central Migrated

You’ll notice that there have been a glut of posts added to the site. Well I’ve migrated all the articles and posts from our micro-site: FalcFans Draft Central over here to the main site now that the draft is over.
You can still be able to visit the micro-site as it will remain up for some time in order to preserve all the links, but as the next few months tend to be the doldrums of the NFL off-season, I’ll be working on getting those updated as well.

I added the micro-site in hopes that it would stand alone as a draft resource for Falcon fans, and I think it was somewhat successful. Not sure if I’ll be doing another one next year. Thought that by having a separate site devoted to the draft would free the main site of all the draft clutter. But it wound up neglecting the main site because the Falcons really did nothing outside the first weekend when it came to free agency and non-draft related off-season moves. Maybe that changes next year, but for now it appears FalcFans Draft Central as its own separate entity was just a fun one-year experiment.

If you hadn’t visited Draft Central, some of the highlights were the Mock Draft Muncher, the Finding the Fit series of articles including one in which we pegged Sean Weatherspoon as an excellent fit, a host of updates that include which players the Falcons were interested in and also worked out, and most recently the 2011 Draft Preview.

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