Dunn has no intention of retiring

In an AJC report by Steve Wyche Falcons running back Warrick Dunn indicated his desire to continue playing beyond this season. Dunn will turn 33 the week after the season is over was able to surpass 10,000 rushing yards this season, and many expectations that due to his age and that achievement he could retire after the season. But Dunn indicated to Wyche that due to the teams struggles this year, he does not wish to retire.

“I can’t go out like this. This is not the way I think anyone should go out. Any guy whose ever thinking about retiring and had to go through a situation like this, I don’t think this is the way you should go out. You need to go out on better terms. I’ll definitely come back next year and play football.”

— Warrick Dunn

However, Dunn did not indicate whether he expects or wants to play for the Falcons. Dunn has one more year left on his contract, with a base salary of $4 million. More than likely, if Dunn is retained he’ll likely have to restructure his contract in order to reduce that salary.

Dunn is the second Falcon to openly discuss his future with the team. Last week, DeAngelo Hall discussed his desire to play for a winning team.

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