Evaluating the Falcons: Quarterbacks

So now that Vick has been exonerated, I guess it becomes a non issue. And for those that think those that have been critical of Vick should apologize, I don’t agree. Exoneration does not necessarily indicate innocence, but more than likely in this case indicates the Dade County police and District Attorney’s offense lacking desire to make an arrest and/or press charges.

Not to mention my issues with Vick started well before this incident. He can apologize to me with his play on the field, as Mark Bradley so eloquently states.

But anyway, it’s time to move on. Vick isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We all know that. Even though I lack the confidence in Vick for him to achieve what Bradley desires, I understand that he has the ability to do so and will have the opportunity at least in 2007.

Now I’d like to move on to a point where I do my own evaluation of the Falcons of 2006, and what should happen or I’d like to happen in 2007. And let’s start with the quarterback position…

Well the biggest concern the Falcons must face this off-season will be what to do with Matt Schaub. One assumes that because the Falcons have a new coach in Bobby Petrino, it means that both Vick and Schaub will return in 2007, because he will want a chance to fully evaluate both players.

There is a chance the Falcons could trade Schaub, but only if a team offered a No. 1 pick. In my eyes, that is extremely doubtful, considering that Schaub is no better than the fourth best available passer this off-season behind rookies JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, and Byron Leftwich, if the Jaguars do as many believe they will, and try to move him.

So although if I was the Falcons GM, I’d be willing to move Schaub for a 2nd round pick, I know the real Falcons GM will not agree.

One option at potentially replacing Schaub would be to sign Mark Brunell. But since Brunell is coming off shoulder surgery, such a move makes less sense. Brunell played under Petrino and Musgrave during his Jacksonville career, so he knows our coaching staff pretty well. The shoulder injury that Brunell suffered is the same that Drew Brees had last off-season. But unlike Brees, Brunell is not in the prime of his playing career (and hasn’t been since Petrino was in Jacksonville), so I wouldn’t expect him to come back from the injury as well as Brees did in 2006.

So all this means that the Falcons will likely have the same three quarterbacks in 2007 as they did in 2006. We’ll probably add a fourth passer at some point this off-season to come in and push D.J. Shockley for the third spot.

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