FalcFans Draft Central is launched

We’re launching FalcFans Draft Central today now that the season is over. For much of the past few years this site’s off-season coverage has been filled with draft coverage. And we figured this year that it was time to give the draft more focused coverage, something that we needed a separate site to do so.

The past two years we’ve published draft guides for the site as well. But instead of having huge PDF files for folks to download, this year we’re deciding to post all the information that the draft guide will contain on our new Draft Central site. We think the information will be much easier to obtain and organize that way.

Player profiles, mocks, and more will be posted on the site. Also all future updates of the Mock Muncher will be posted on that site as well.

As draft news rolls in, be sure to check back frequently for Falcons draft-related updates.

About the Author

Aaron Freeman
Founder of FalcFans.com