FalcFans Podcast – Ep. 120 “Sarah Tiana and Al-Qaeda”

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Allen and I are back after a short break to provide more commentary on 2012 Atlanta Falcons games, this week talking over the team’s Week Three matchup against the San Diego Chargers. But before we get into that, we talk to comedienne Sarah Tiana, a die-hard Falcons fan. Sarah shares her experience working with Rob Riggle and the constraints of network television writing on FOX NFL Sunday pregame show and the ESPY Awards. Sarah also shares how her family was instrumental in the development of one young Vic Beasley. Matt Stafford, watching the NFL games on the west coast, and expectations for this upcoming Falcons season are other topics we hit with Sarah. She also gives us the scoop on how favorably Al-Qaeda stacks up against the New England Patriots before we’re through. During our Chargers commentary, Allen and I discuss Thomas DeCoud’s best game, stadium DJs, Clipboard Jesus and also give Falcons long snapper Josh Harris the most amount of airtime he’s ever received on the podcast. We close out the show dissing the NFC East .

Episode 120: Sarah Tiana and Al-Qaeda [Download]

Duration: 1 hours, 19 minutes


To watch the game along with us, just click the play button on the embedded DailyMotion video when we do our 1-2-3-click countdown:


Sarah is on Twitter (@sarahtiana) and Instagram. Check out her website: sarahtiana.com for upcoming standup dates and you can also catch her Thursdays through Sunday at 11 pm ET on CMT on the Josh Wolf Show.

Allen covers the Falcons for The Falcoholic. His twitter handle is: @Allen_Strk.

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