FalcFans Podcast – Ep. 121 “Ranking the Quarterbacks”

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Allen and I return for another commentary, switching gears from the 2012 season to travel back through time to 1995 where we break down the first half of the Atlanta Falcons’ game against the Dallas Cowboys. But before we get into the game, Allen and I each give our list of the top 15 quarterbacks currently in the NFL. While our lists contain the same 15 players, our orders are a bit different. You’ll hear our thoughts on Matt Ryan’s strengths and flaws, Peyton Manning’s decline, the unique skills of Russell Wilson and the potential of Andrew Luck and much, much more during our discussion. When we eventually get to the game commentary, marvel at Allen’s lack of knowledge of anything involving the Falcons and the NFL prior to 2000s. Clay Matthews Sr., Deion Sanders, Chris Doleman, D.J. Johnson, Scott Case and Jeff George get much of our attention during the game as well as the awesome mid-90s commercials.

Episode 121: Ranking the Quarterbacks [Download]

Duration: 2 hours, 9 minutes

To watch the game along with us, just click the play button on the embedded YouTube video when we do our 1-2-3-click countdown:

Allen covers the Falcons for The Falcoholic. His twitter handle is: @Allen_Strk.

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