FalcFans Podcast – Ep. 159 “Looking For the Perfect Fit”

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Allen took the week off, allowing myself to talk with Blogging Dirty’s Eric Robinson and Raekwon Gilbert about the Atlanta Falcons’ plan of attack for the 2016 NFL Draft. Some of the topics and questions (among many) that we hit in this episode include:

  • What is the Falcons primary “must have” needs heading into the draft.
  • Do the Falcons have the luxury of going “best player available” this year or should they hone in on their needs?
  • How much more of a foundation does Dan Quinn need to lay?
  • We hone in on these potential first-round fits around the 13-minute mark:
    • Ohio State linebacker Darron Lee and whether his athleticism makes him a perfect fit for the Falcons’ scheme.
    • Alabama linebacker Reggie Ragland and whether his talents make him a bad fit in Atlanta.
    • Georgia edge-defender Leonard Floyd and where his role in Atlanta might be.
    • Clemson defensive end Shaq Lawson and if he’s the team’s best-case scenario in Round One.
    • Louisville defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins and which NFC South defensive tackle he compares to.
    • Florida safety Keanu Neal and if he’s a “must have” enforcer in the secondary.
    • We also discuss how the potential additions of some of these players might affect current Falcons including Paul Worrilow, Courtney Upshaw, Tyson Jackson and Grady Jarrett.
  • Does the strength or weakness of this draft class benefit/hurt the Falcons if they choose to trade down?
  • We look at some of the second-day draft options along the defense and at tight end.
  • Are there any good middle linebacker options for the Falcons after Ragland?
  • Can Brooks Reed make a successful transition to the middle if the Falcons find themselves in a pinch?
  • Raekwon and Eric each give three underrated prospects and one overrated one.

Looking For the Perfect Fit [Download]

Duration: 1 hour, 9 minutes

Eric covers the Falcons and the draft for Blogging Dirty and DBN Fanatics. He also writes for RSEN Report and NFL Mocks. His twitter account is @ERobinsonRSEN

Raekwon covers the Falcons and the draft for Blogging Dirty and DBN Fanatics. You can check him out on twitter: @RxGilbert97.

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