FalcFans Podcast – Ep. 161 “2016 Schedule Breakdown”

FalcFans Podcast

Allen is back this week with myself to break down the recently released 2016 Atlanta Falcons schedule. Here’s how the episode went down:

  • (3:18) Week 1 vs. Buccaneers and whether this is already a “must win” game for the Falcons. We also discuss Roddy White’s lack of free-agent interest.
  • (9:45) Week 2 vs. Raiders and how they will try to counter Julio Jones with their pass rush.
  • (12:55) Week 3 vs. Saints along with the Falcons’ terrible road record on Monday Night Football
  • (18:37) Week 4 vs. Panthers and whether Carolina is poised to suffer a hangover coming off a Super Bowl loss like past teams.
  • (23:05) Week 5 vs. Broncos and whether the Broncos defense is still good enough to overcome poor quarterback play.
  • (26:22) Week 6 vs. Seahawks and whether the Falcons have enough pass rush to pressure Russell Wilson.
  • (28:30) Week 7 vs. Chargers and whether this game is poised to be a shootout.
  • (32:07) Week 8 vs. Packers and how much opposing quarterbacks get a boost from playing inside the Georgia Dome.
  • (35:15) How the Falcons might be at best a .500 team by midseason.
  • (35:45) Week 9 vs. Buccaneers and Allen’s odd impression of myself.
  • (38:45) Week 10 vs. Eagles as Allen and I argue over how good the Eagles will be this season.
  • (42:27) Week 11 bye week plans and games to watch.
  • (42:59) Week 12 vs. Cardinals with my admitting the greatness of Dwight Freeney’s spin move.
  • (46:35) Week 13 vs. Chiefs and how this is a very favorable matchup for the Falcons.
  • (49:58) Week 14 vs. Rams and how effective the Falcons’ ground game will be against better defenses and we also argue over how effective good passing teams will be against the Falcons’ defense.
  • (55:00) Week 15 vs. 49ers and the bitter taste still lingering from last year’s loss.
  • (57:22) Week 16 vs. Panthers and the problems with watching football games on holidays.
  • (60:45) Week 17 vs. Saints and our overall lack of posivity about the upcoming season. We also get into a discussion of college football plays, NBA, which NFL teams will be the top teams in the playoffs, tanking and what conditions need to occur in order for myself to have a positive outlook about the season.
  • (69:10) We discuss Leonard Floyd and whether the Titans-Rams trade might have messed up the Falcons’ draft plans in the first round.
  • (77:50) I explain the process behind how I crafted a seven-round mock draft.

2016 Schedule Breakdown [Download]

Duration: 1 hour, 23 minutes

Allen covers the Falcons for The Falcoholic. His twitter handle is: @Allen_Strk.

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