FalcFans Podcast – Ep. 162 “There Will Be Options”

FalcFans Podcast

I am back with another draft-centric podcast featuring The Draft Wire’s Jonah Tuls and The Falcoholic’s Dave Choate. Once again, Allen is sitting out this episode and will be back after the 2016 NFL Draft.

Jonah brings his insights on some of the Falcons’ potential first and second-round targets as well as discussing how the first five picks in the first round might go given the most recent news and rumors. With Jonah, I also discuss some of these other topics and players:

  • (5:45) West Virginia safety Karl Joseph
  • (9:00) Alabama linebacker Reggie Ragland
  • (10:37) Ohio State linebacker Darron Lee
  • (13:31) Georgia linebacker Leonard Floyd
  • (15:05) Clemson defensive end Shaq Lawson’s stock dropping and Oklahoma State defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah
  • (18:28) Florida safety Keanu Neal
  • (20:42) Weak tight end class
  • (22:22) UCLA linebacker Myles Jack and a possible trade up
  • (24:30) Mocking the top 5 picks starting with the implications of the Philadelphia Eagles-Cleveland Browns’ blockbuster trade for the No. 2 overall pick. Also we go through the options for the San Diego Chargers, Dallas Cowboys and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Dave jumps on the show (44:45) and we talk more about the Falcons’ draft strategy:

  • (45:15) Chris Chester’s return
  • (47:05) Predicting what the Falcons will do in the first round.
  • (48:05) Whether Ragland makes the Falcons tougher in the middle of their defense
  • (51:25) Leonard Floyd’s versatility being a potential drawback
  • (53:55) Whether the Falcons are prioritizing a pass-rusher in the first round
  • (56:25) Possibility of moving up to get Myles Jack
  • (59:20) Falcons’ potential second and third-round targets
  • (1:01:15) Chances of the Falcons trading back in the early rounds
  • (1:03:45) What are the Falcons’ top priorities and needs entering the draft
  • (1:05:55) Drafting replacements for Devin Hester and Tyson Jackson

There Will Be Options [Download]

Duration: 1 hour, 13 minutes

Jonah writes for The Draft Wire and Draft Breakdown. You can check out his Top 300 draft board by clicking here. He is on twitter: @JonahTulsNFL

Dave is the Big Kahuna at The Falcoholic and can be found on twitter: @TheFalcoholic.

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