FalcFans Podcast – Ep. 163 “Tell the Truth: Falcons 2016 Draft Review”

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I am rejoined Allen Strk to discuss the Atlanta Falcons’ 2016 draft class with Charles McDonald (The Falcoholic) and Shane P. Hallam (About Sports).  This is a jam-packed episode that is longer than we usually do, but it’s full of awesome information on this year’s rookie crop.

Charles is the first guest (joins at 4:30) to discuss his thoughts on the Falcons’ newest crop of draft picks, including some of the following topics:

  • (5:30) Overall opinion of the draft class and how it compares to the 2015 class.
  • (8:30) Missing out on Shaq Lawson and/or Myles Jack in Round One.
  • (14:15) Keanu Neal and how he compares both to Kam Chancellor and William Moore
  • (19:30) Deion Jones, his weight and how he could fit at middle linebacker.
  • (26:30) Austin Hooper and whether he is the unheralded superstar of this draft class.
  • (31:55) De’Vondre Campbell and the possibility that his upside is higher than Jones.
  • (39:20) Wes Schweitzer and exactly what his upside is.
  • (43:50) Devin Fuller’s potential to impact at either wide receiver or on special teams.
  • (47:35) Undrafted free agents worth keeping an eye on.
  • (51:25) The quality of the New Orleans Saints and Jacksonville Jaguars’ 2016 draft classes.
  • (54:20) How to measure this draft class’ long-term impact on the Falcons.

Shane joins the show (at 1:00:10) and gives his thoughts on the following topics:

  • (1:00:45) Keanu Neal being a reach or an upside pick.
  • (1:04:00) Deion Jones’ speed and whether it helps him fit inside.
  • (1:08:45) De’Vondre Campbell’s upside.
  • (1:11:45) Austin Hooper’s ball skills and potential to help Matt Ryan in the passing game.
  • (1:14:30) Wes Schweitzer and his ability to stand out at San Jose State.
  • (1:16:35) Devin Fuller’s return skills and elusiveness.
  • (1:18:25) How 2016 was a fun draft and Shane’s take on the running backs and quarterbacks this year.
  • (1:24:20) Potential strengths of the 2017 NFL draft crop.

Allen makes his illustrious return to the podcast at the 1:28:10 mark and we hit many of the following highlights in our usual meandering discussion:

  • (1:31:50) Whether passing on Myles Jack was a mistake.
  • (1:38:30) Other potential options the Falcons could have targeted in Round Two over Jones.
  • (1:45:15) Pro Football Focus’ “flawed” draft grading system.
  • (1:51:00) Comparing Paul Worrilow to Keith Brooking.
  • (1:57:15) Austin Hooper’s impact.
  • (2:05:40) Current state of American politics.
  • (2:06:20) De’Vondre Campbell.
  • (2:09:05) Dan Quinn vs. Mike Smith’s abilities to develop talent.
  • (2:16:05) Aaron being the “Skip Bayless” of the Falcons fan base.

Tell the Truth: Falcons 2016 Draft Review [Download]

Duration: 2 hours, 24 minutes

Charles writes for The Falcoholic, helps cover the draft at Optimum Scouting and has begun a new online venture at Playmaker Mentality. He is on twitter: @SundayFiasco.

Shane covers College Football for About Sports, is the president of Draft TV and is on twitter: @ShanePHallam.

Allen covers the Falcons for The Falcoholic. His twitter handle is: @Allen_Strk.

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