FalcFans Podcast – Ep. 167 “We’re Talking About Practice!”

FalcFans Podcast

Allen and I are joined The Falcoholic’s Jeanna Thomas and Will McFadden to recap the first four days of Atlanta Falcons training camp. Jeanna comes on first to discuss her camp observations, including:

  • (2:30) We discuss the recent roster moves including Devin Hester’s release, Tevin Coleman’s impact in the return game and whether Charles Godfrey’s retirement affects the safety depth.
  • (8:10) Is Corey Washington the New “Amsterdam?”
  • (12:55) Training camp talk begins with Jeanna elaborating more on Coleman’s emergence to start camp and I share my insights on what improvements he’ll have to make to carve into Devonta Freeman’s playing time. Jeanna also shares why she thinks De’Vondre Campbell might be the steal of the draft.
  • (23:15) Jeanna shares her thoughts on how important are the first few days of camp to the team.
  • (25:40) Whether the Falcons are holding their last remaining roster spot for Dwight Freeney.
  • (27:55) Jeanna explains why the lack of buzz about Deion Jones isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
  • (29:45) Jalen Collins’ improvement and how much if any jump he makes this summer will determine the rest of his career.
  • (32:35) Allen expresses his enthusiasm for Ricardo Allen.
  • (35:00) We debate whether Ra’Shede Hageman’s lack of progress is that big of a surprise.
  • (38:35) Jeanna gives one more shot at trying to decipher the team’s base defensive front.

Jeanna ducks out and Will joins us (42:05), as we welcome the newest memeber of the Falcoholic family.

  • (44:00) Will gives his thoughts on the “best player available” a.k.a. Todd Gurley
  • (44:55) Will shares his expectations for the Falcons going into the upcoming season and whether the team’s playoff chances are good.
  • (50:45) Will also gives his official declaration for his stance on Kyle Shanahan and we debate how to determine how much of the Falcons potential problems are personnel vs. scheme.
  • (66:05) Will shares his excitement for the Falcons 2016 rookie and free-agent class.
  • (71:00) Determining which of the team’s top two selections has more upside: Keanu Neal or Deion Jones?
  • (73:10) Whether Georgia or some other team will emerge as the leaders in the SEC East this season.
  • (76:25) We get to the bottom of why Allen isn’t as invested in college football as the rest of us.

At the end of the show when Will departs (80:45), Allen and I look forward to the first preseason game, I discuss the possibility of starting a video series on YouTube and we give a few spoilers over our impending NFL preview at the end of the month.

We’re Talking About Practice! [Download]

Duration: 1 hour, 33 minutes

Jeanna covers the Falcons for The Falcoholic and can be found on twitter: @Jeannathomas

Will writes for The Falcoholic and Saturday Down South. He is also on twitter: @willmcfadden

Allen covers the Falcons for The Falcoholic. His twitter handle is: @Allen_Strk.

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