FalcFans Podcast – Ep. 173 “Epic 2016 NFL Preview”

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Allen and I are joined by MMQB’s Andy Benoit and Rotoworld’s Mike Gallagher to preview the upcoming 2016 NFL season in a long, but jam-packed episode that features plenty of Atlanta Falcons, NBA and fantasy sports discussion as well.

Andy is up first (at 3:00) and we discuss some of the following Falcons topics with him among others:

  • (4:20) Vic Beasley’s potential progress and whether he can take the next step as a pass-rusher.
  • (6:25) The benefit of adding speed to the Falcons defense.
  • (9:15) What steps Matt Ryan must take to improve his performance in 2016.
  • (12:10) How Atlanta matches up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week One and the potential long-term upside of Jameis Winston.

Andy then departs and Mike joins the show at 16:00:

  • (19:20) We discuss Mike’s favorite team: the New York Jets and their history of bad general managers.
  • (21:20) Mike explains the differences between playing fantasy football and fantasy basketball.
  • (24:15) Thoughts on what difference Dwight Howard will have on the Atlanta Hawks versus Al Horford.
  • (26:20) Kevin Durant’s potential fantasy impact and what to expect from the Golden State Warriors this season.
  • (33:40) Mike’s top targets in fantasy football this year including Julio Jones.
  • (39:30) Additional opinions on which Falcons are worth targeting in fantasy football.
  • (48:20) Allen gets his chance to discuss the state of Croatian basketball.

Mike then departs and Allen and I begin our very in-depth NFL preview at the 53:00-mark. We go division-by-division, discussing all 32 teams.

  • (55:00) AFC East breakdown highlighted by Rex Ryan and Bills Mafia takes.
  • (1:03:25) AFC North breakdown including a discussion of how much if any decline we can expect to see from the Cincinnati Bengals this year.
  • (1:12:40) AFC South breakdown highlighted by Allen’s continual inability to pronounce Paul Posluszny’s name.
  • (1:23:10) AFC West breakdown with differing opinions over how the Denver Broncos will fare in 2016.
  • (1:32:25) AFC playoff discussion and who will go all the way to the AFC title game.
  • (1:35:35) NFC East breakdown with a comparison between Dallas’ cornerbacks and Atlanta’s linebackers.
  • (1:47:40) NFC North breakdown that includes a discussion of a slimmed down Eddie Lacy.
  • (1:51:25) NFC South breakdown highlighted by Allen and I piling on the New Orleans Saints.
  • (2:03:50) NFC West breakdown with myself going “all in” on the Arizona Cardinals.
  • (2:11:05) NFC playoff discussion that may or may not include the Falcons.
  • (2:15:40) Which team will win Super Bowl 51.

Episode 173: Epic 2016 NFL Preview [Download]

Duration: 2 hours, 24 minutes

If you’re curious, you can read even more insights into Allen and my expectations for the upcoming season in our ultimate predictions post here.


Andy writes for The MMQB and is on twitter: @Andy_Benoit.

Mike writes for Rotoworld NBA, Yahoo! Sports, NBC Sports and SB Nation. You can check him out on twitter: @mikesgallagher

Allen covers the Falcons for The Falcoholic. His twitter handle is: @Allen_Strk.

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