FalcFans Podcast – Ep. 174 “So Far, Not So Good”

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Allen and I review the Atlanta Falcons Week One loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with The Falcoholic’s Charles McDonald. During this episode, we discuss the myriad of issues that plagued the Falcons in the season-opener including some of the following:

  • (3:05) Whether the Falcons got outcoached and whether their defensive-line rotations worked.
  • (5:45) Charles discusses the team’s poor tackling, lack of pass rush and running game.
  • (8:30) I bring up the performances of the rookie linebackers as well as the expected inconsistencies that come with youth.
  • (12:55) We judge Matt Ryan’s performance and whether the criticism he is getting is fair as well as the concerns over the offensive line’s performance and what sort of mismatches opponents might present in future games.
  • (20:20) Lavonte David’s resurgence as a “Falcons killer” and Brent Grimes’ return to Atlanta.
  • (22:45) The performance of Mohamed Sanu and why Julio Jones didn’t get many touches.
  • (27:30) Tevin Coleman’s impact and what his role should be moving forward.
  • (31:00) Shanahan’s play-calling and the red-zone blunders.
  • (38:05) If the Falcons’ schedule is going to allow for them to avoid a really rough start to the year.
  • (40:00) More discussion of the defensive line rotation and whether it’s premature to turn on Derrick Shelby thus far.
  • (46:00) More questions about Dan Quinn’s coaching and whether his public statements can be trusted.

Charles leaves at (1:07:30) and Allen and I give our backgrounds to how we became Falcons fans for any listeners that don’t know.

Episode 174: So Far, Not So Good [Download]

Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Charles writes for The Falcoholic, helps cover NFL 1000 rankings for Bleacher Report. He is on twitter: @FourVerts.

Allen covers the Falcons for The Falcoholic. His twitter handle is: @Allen_Strk.

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4 Comments on "FalcFans Podcast – Ep. 174 “So Far, Not So Good”"

  1. I do not understand how the bucks would have been one of the easiest????? GERALD MCCOY!? I’m blown away. name a DT overall better than mccoy please. they have an awesome D…..???

  2. Because beyond Gerald McCoy, that’s about it. Robert Ayers is good, but if Jake Matthews is worth his salt, he should not struggle too much with him.

    Simple math. 5 blockers with 4 pass-rushers. If one DL commands a double team, you can still have 3 guys on the remaining 3. And if those guys win those 1 on 1s, then the guy that commands the double team is somewhat mitigated.

    McCoy is an amazing player, but he’s just 1 man. In future games, we’ll face fronts that have 2 or more good pass-rushers.

  3. bottom line….no pass rush, and right side o-line very weak. whenever they ran right Tampa penetrated with ease. Devonte Freeman couldn’t go no where. oh can’t forget the Falcons mainstay for loosing, “Tackling”! I’ve been a fan for years and I see it all the time. seven players miss tackle and Tampa walks in to the end zone. what’s up. the only plus is with Atlanta’s very tuff schedule, we will have top picks next year. because the way it is right now, no
    pass rush, weak right side o-line, and absolutely bad tackling, it’ll be a miracle to win more than six games. it’ll be a good season, but I really see winning four at the very most this season.

  4. Yes but for once the falcons haven’t been striking out in the Draft. It’s not like the falcons are old and only going to get worse. Our defense is starting 3 rookies and 3 second year players. I believe the oldest team in the league is misleading. Yes I don’t expect this year to be good. But all the Beasley is a bust and Quinn should be fire or Matt Ryan is done is so stupid. They need to learn this yesr. And even still the falcons are good enough to upset a team or two. I think we finish around 6-10 but next year’s Draft is stacked with pass rushers and now that they have a solid core they can draft heavy dline. They are still 2 years away. The main thing I don’t get is the Dline rotation!!!!! Shelby can collapse the pocket from the edge which would help I believe jarret should be in also to get a push upfront. And Jackson looked good on the inside.

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