FalcFans Podcast – Ep. 178 “Peak Kyle Shanahan”

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Allen and I are joined by The Falcoholic’s Jake Bennett and The Ringer’s Robert Mays to recap the Atlanta Falcons win over the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football during Week Three of the NFL season. We start off talking with Jake, discussing the following topics among several others:

  • (3:25) The dynamic duo of Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman
  • (6:25) Struggles of the Falcons defense against the Saints, including why they are so soft up the middle when dealing with draw plays and covering tight ends
  • (14:25) Doing a 180 on the Kyle Shanahan hatred and the value that Mohamed Sanu and other receivers are bringing to the offense.
  • (21:10) Whether Matt Ryan’s performance in New Orleans was his best.
  • (25:10) Lamentations of a pass rush.

Jake departs and Robert joins the show at 34:00. We discuss some of the following topics among others:

  • (34:30) Whether the Falcons offense and defense are exceeding expectations in 2016.
  • (38:45) The conundrum of whether sitting Julio Jones for a couple of weeks would be beneficial for the Falcons.
  • (41:15) The value of splitting reps between Freeman and Coleman
  • (44:40) How good a job Kyle Shanahan is doing and whether he’s the offensive coordinator equivalent of Jay Cutler.
  • (50:20) Who are some of Robert’s favorite teams around the league and his thoughts on Carson Wentz, the Eagles, Vikings defense and the Buccaneers.
  • (56:40) The truth behind why the Ringer NFL Show failed to cover the Falcons in their 2016 season preview series.

Robert departs at (1:00:25) and Allen and I finish out the show by giving some credit to Ryan Schraeder amongst other random topics.

Episode 178: Peak Kyle Shanahan [Download]

Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Robert Mays writes for The Ringer and is a co-host on The Ringer NFL Show. He is on twitter: @robertmays.

Jake writes for The Falcoholic, Atlanta Falcons Memes on Facebook and can be found on twitter: @DirtyBird_Jake.

Allen covers the Falcons for The Falcoholic. His twitter handle is: @Allen_Strk.

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  1. I don’t know if DQ knows what he’s doing, his Dline choices makes absolutely no sense . Tyson Jackson should not be at end Shelby & Freeny should not be DT ‘s WTF. Wasting Grady net to Babs on clearly running play’s. Beasley wants to be a preacher not a top DE he’s play’s with no fire and intensity.

  2. Lol that Bears fan is a tool. Talking about how Matt Ryan should be complimentary. This is his offense.

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