FalcFans Podcast – Ep. 193 “Interesting Chess Match


Allen and I are joined by Revenge of the Birds’ Blake Murphy and former Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Brian Finneran of 680 the Fan to preview their upcoming matchup against the Arizona Cardinals.

We begin the show by discussing the upcoming changes that will soon come to the podcast, as we join the Locked On Podcast Network, taking over duties from our old friend, Knox Bardeen, in hosting the Locked on Falcons podcast next week.

Blake then joins us first (at 10:40) and we hit up the following topics among several others:

  • (10:40) The health concerns surrounding Bruce Arians and how that could affect the Cardinals’ approach this week.
  • (13:05) The struggles the Cardinals offense has been dealing with surrounding their quarterback Carson Palmer and injuries along the offensive line.
  • (16:25) Whether the Cardinals offense is too centered on running back David Johnson.
  • (22:00) Whether Michael Floyd or John Brown has been the bigger letdown to the Cardinals passing attack in 2016.
  • (23:35) If the Cardinals will try to exploit the middle of the Falcons defense to the same degree that they did last week against the Minnesota Vikings.
  • (27:55) The rematch between Julio Jones and Patrick Peterson, and whether Peterson is positioned to handle Jones better than he did in 2014 due to improved health and conditioning.
  • (35:10) If the Cardinals have what it takes defensively to control the line of scrimmage and how special teams could impact this matchup.
  • (38:45) Discussing the exchange of recent players between Arizona and Atlanta, including Corey Peters, Sean Weatherspoon, Joplo Bartu and O’Brien Schofield.
  • (41:40) Are the Cardinals giving up on their playoff hopes and what is the future of this franchise given the presence of older veterans on offense.
  • (47:55) What parallels can be drawn between the 2013 Falcons and 2016 Cardinals?
  • (50:50) Blake gives his prediction for the outcoming of this week’s game.

Blake departs and we’re joined by Brian at (54:35). We discuss many of the following topics with Finneran:

  • (55:45) Brian reminisces about his experiences against the Cardinals in the 2009 playoff game and discusses his value and versatility from back in the day.
  • (1:04:25) What the improvements made by the Falcons 2016 offense can be attributed to including Matt Ryan’s newfound comfort with Kyle Shanahan and Alex Mack.
  • (1:11:00) What issues are plaguging the Falcons defense, including rookie mistakes and the need for better play up front along the defensive line.
  • (1:15:00) If the looming bye week was the cause of the Falcons’ struggles against the Eagles in Week 10.
  • (1:18:15) Brian explains how and why players get caught with making pre-snap penalties.
  • (1:20:30) Comparing Mohamed Sanu to Peerless Price and whether Justin Hardy has untapped potential for 2016.

Brian departs (1:28:44) and Allen and I give our predictions for the Cardinals game before (1:30:10) reading iTunes reviews and discuss the lack of female guests on the show.

Episode 193: Interesting Chess Match [Download]

Duration: 1 hour, 38 minutes

Blake is a staff writer of Revenge of the Birds and can be found on twitter: @blakemurphy7.

Brian is on twitter at: @BFinn86 and you can check him out daily on the Front Row on 680 The Fan, weekdays at 9 a.m. til noon.

Allen covers the Falcons for The Falcoholic. His twitter handle is: @Allen_Strk.

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