FalcFans Weekly March 23, 2014

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Corey Peters

Defensive tackle Corey Peters appeared on Sirius XM NFL Radio on Saturday afternoon, and Pro Football Talk has a pretty good summary of what was said with quotes. In it, he revealed that he’s off crutches in the midst of his rehab from a torn Achilles tendon. Earlier this month, it was reported that Peters was still in a walking boot when he was re-signed by the team.


Former Falcons defensive tackle Vance Walker discusses “political” reasons that drove him out of Atlanta a year ago. Here’s an interesting quote:

I’d say, it wasn’t necessarily the scheme; it was probably a little more political from the Falcons to the Raiders. The Falcons had a decent roster of D tackles, and even though I was showing and proving that I could rush the passer, I never really got the opportunity. That’s what they promised I would be able to do out in Oakland. It kind of freed me up and let me show my abilities. Obviously, I know I would be a lot better, I could still be a lot better and learn from my mistakes and learn from others. I think (it was just) a personnel type of thing, with me being younger, with the Falcons; I guess they weren’t ready to give me that role just yet.


Malliciah Goodman has reportedly packed on some muscle this offseason in advance of his expected role as a defensive end in the 3-man front the Falcons are likely to feature more this season.


Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay was arrested earlier this week on charges of DWI and possession of controlled substances. Questions have been raised on what sort of punishment the National Football League will mete out. Falcons wide receiver Roddy White weighed in on the subject via Twitter.


Roddy’s twitter account got him into hotter water later in the week when he lost a bet over Mercer’s upset of Duke in the NCAA Tournament on Friday. Confident that the Blue Devils could make a championship run, White indicated that he would buy a fan season tickets on the 50-yard line if Mercer upset them in the first round of the tournament. Upon the upset occurring, White indicated that he would strive to get single-game tickets for the Falcons upcoming 2014 matchup against the Chicago Bears.


AJC columnist Jeff Schultz ponders whether Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff lost the benefit of the doubt in terms of judging his moves due to the team’s poor 2013 season.


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