Falcons and Vick reach compromise

WDBJ of Roanoke reports that the Falcons and Michael Vick have reached a compromise deal about the amount of money he owes to the team. The Falcons have been embroiled in a legal battle about money Vick owes back to the team due to his breach of contract stemming from his incarceration from dogfighting.

The Falcons sought to reclaim close to $20 million in bonus money, and won the initial ruling by an arbitrator. But that ruling was overtuned and Vick was only liable to repay $3.75 million. The Falcons and the league have been in the process of challenging that second ruling.

WDBJ reports that the compromise is $7.5 million. That would be twice the amount of money initially expected to be reclaimed by the team.

Vick is currently in bankruptcy court.

UPDATE: The AJC reports that based on a ruling later this year by the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, will determine whether Vick repays the Falcons $6.5 million or $7.5 million.

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