Falcons Awarded 3 Compensatory Picks

The National Football League announced 32 compensatory selections awarded to teams for this year’s upcoming draft in May, and the Atlanta Falcons received three such picks. Compensatory picks are awarded to teams for losing veteran free agents in the previous year’s offseason. The Falcons received a fourth-round selection along with a pair of seventh-round selections. The three additional picks give the Falcons a total of 10.

The fourth-round pick comes due to the team losing cornerback Brent Grimes, who signed with the Miami Dolphins last year. It will be the penultimate pick of the fourth round, selection No. 139. The two seventh-round picks also come at the end of that round, with the Falcons now holding picks No. 253 and 255. The latter is in fact the second-to-last selection in the entire draft, with Houston receiving the final pick that will become Mr. Irrelevant.

Compensatory picks cannot be traded under league rules.

Barring future trades, the Falcons entire draft order consists of:

First round, No. 6 overall
Second round, No. 37 overall
Third round, No. 68 overall
Fourth round, No. 103 overall
Fourth round, No. 139 overall
Fifth round, No. 147 overall
Sixth round, No. 182 overall
Seventh round, No. 220 overall
Seventh round, No. 253 overall
Seventh round, No. 255 overall

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