Falcons deny trade rumors

Not surprisingly, the Falcons released a statement on Tuesday denying any possible rumors of trading starting quarterback Michael Vick.

In the report by WXIA-TV, a spokeswoman for the Falcons said, “There are no plans to cut or trade Vick. Michael is our quarterback. He has a new head coach who is anxious to start working with him this season. Everyone has high expectations for Michael, including Michael.”

The statement was released likely in contrast to recent internet rumors that the Oakland Raiders are preparing to make the Falcons an offer for their recently maligned quarterback. No such press releases or statements have been heard from the Raiders, whose recent attention has been centered on their new coaching hire, Lane Kiffin.

The Falcons own new coach, Bobby Petrino, gave Vick a vote of confidence during his introductory press conference, declaring that Michael Vick was currently the team’s starter.

Vick’s first meeting with Petrino occurred this weekend, following his infamous incident in Miami International Airport.

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