Falcons extend tenders to Boley and Davis

The AJC reports that the Falcons are expected to extend tender offers to linebacker Michael Boley and defensive end Chauncey Davis. Both players are restricted free agents. According to the report, Boley will receive a first round tender, which will give him a one-year salary of $2.017 million. Davis will receive a fourth round tender, with a one-year deal worth $927,000.

Restricted free agents are allowed to negotiate contracts with other teams, but the Falcons will retain the right of first refusal, which means they can match any offer submitted by another team. If the Falcons match the offer, the free agent is retained. If not, then they have the right to compensation which is determined by the level of the tender. If another team signs Boley, the Falcons will receive a first round pick, and for Davis, a fourth round pick. Davis’s compensation is based on the fact that he was originally a fourth round draft pick for the Falcons in 2005.

There is no official word on what level of tenders (if extended at all) to the Falcons two other restricted free agents: punter Michael Koenen and fullback Corey McIntyre. If the Falcons opt to not extend a restricted tender to either player, they will become unrestricted free agents and are free to sign with any team.

UPDATE: Atlanta Falcons.com indicates that the Falcons have placed a second round tender on Michael Koenen worth ($1.47 million) and the right of first refusal with Corey McIntyre ($927,000). Both Koenen and McIntyre were undrafted free agents. If a team signs McIntyre to an offer sheet, the Falcons will receive no compensation.

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