Falcons get early start on post-draft free agency

Various sources have indicated that several players have agreed to sign undrafted free agent contracts with the Falcons. The Falcons currently have 68 players on their roster, not including the eight rookies they selected over the course of Saturday and Sunday. League rules allow for teams to carry up to 80 players on their roster prior to the start of the regular season, meaning the Falcons could potentially add a dozen free agents in the coming week.

As players are signed, we will update this list:

QB John Parker Wilson, Alabama (source)
WR Aaron Kelly, Clemson (source)
WR Darren Mougey, San Diego State (source)
OT Jose Valdez, Arkansas (source)
OG Ryan Stanchek, West Virginia (source)
DE Maurice Lucas, Colorado (source)
LB Brock Christopher, Missouri (source)
LB Derek Nicholson, Florida State (source)
P Robbie Dehaze, Northern Arizona (source)

LS Robert Shiver, Auburn (source)

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