Falcons like Medder

GatorSports.com reports that the Falcons have shown interest in Florida offensive tackle Carlton Medder. Medder started the past two seasons at right tackle for the Gators. At 6’5″ 319, he’s known for his strength and run blocking ability, but needs to work on pass protection. He earned All-SEC second team honors this past season and is considered a potential late round selection.

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2 Comments on "Falcons like Medder"

  1. Guess you did ot read the article. Falcons talked to him. That is far from “like” him. He even admits that every team that talked to him dissed his speed and ability to deal with the pass rush. He aslso notes that he is thinking of playing in Canada.

    I know webhits are important, but this is a pathetic article and the source blows your grandiose exaggeration out of the water.

  2. Calm down. It’s called a headline, and please when you find a concise and accurate headline, then please let me know.

    As you can see in the “meat” of the article I stated that they have shown interest in Medder.

    And maybe you’re new to the draft, but teams only talk to and show interest in the players they like.

    As you may also not be aware, my suspicion is most of the teams that have “shown interest” in Medder don’t project him to play OT. With his size he projects very well to the OG position, so his issues in pass protection won’t be much of a factor. So you can still like him or any other prospect, but still think there are flaws in his game.

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