Falcons looking to move up in the draft?

Pro Football Talk indicates from an unnamed source that the Falcons are among a few teams actively in talks with the Detroit Lions above potentially swapping picks at the top of the draft. The Lions hold the No. 2 overall pick, while the Falcons hold the No. 8 pick.

The report says that the Lions are interested in moving down in the draft, and would like to get a deal done before draft day on April 28. Also reported is that the Lions could potentially select a player and then subsequently trade him away. The report indicated the most likely player would be Georgia Tech wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

Based on the widely distributed generic trade value chart, in order to properly compensate the Lions for the No. 2 overall pick the Falcons would need to include their first, both seconds, and their third round picks.

Rumored interest between the Falcons and Johnson has been speculated on and reported on throughout the off-season. But the sincerity of that interest is unknown at this time.

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