Falcons Pro Day Round-Up 3/21

There haven’t been any specific reports of the Falcons being in attendance of any of today’s pro days yet, but I’ll keep you updated in case there is some later today.

Pro days scheduled for today include Abilene Christian, North Dakota State, Georgia Southern, Valdosta State, and the University of Iowa.

Kip Watson tweets sighting 15 teams at the Abilene Christian pro day, and the Falcons are not among them. Their prime prospect is wide receiver Edmund Gates, who was a star at the Combine in February. North Dakota State has 6 or 7 teams represented according to sources, although no confirmation that the Falcons are among them. Since Georgia Southern and Valdosta State are local schools, it’s likely that the Falcons will send representatives to each of them, but no confirmation as of yet if that is indeed the case.

Iowa is the main pro day of the day, and while all 32 teams are expected to be there, no confirmation as of yet if that is indeed the case. Defensive end Adrian Clayborn, defensive tackle Christian Ballard, safety Tyler Sash, and quarterback Ricky Stanzi are among the Hawkeye standouts expected to workout. Iowa scheduled a second pro day for April 4, due to the NFL owners meetings being currently conduced in New Orleans.

Update: Hawkeyes TE coach Eric Johnson tweeted that all 32 teams were indeed represented at Iowa’s pro day.

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