Falcons receive seventh round compensatory pick

The league announced the thirty-two additional picks in the draft which are awarded as compensatory picks, given to teams that had a net loss in free agency in the previous year. And among them was the Atlanta Falcons, being granted the forty-second pick in the seventh round, or the 249th overall pick. Last year the Falcons did not receive compensatory picks, but did receive two in 2010. Compensatory picks cannot be traded.

As a result, the Falcons now hold the following picks in the 2012 draft:

2nd round, 55th overall
3rd round, 84th overall
5th round, 157th overall
6th round, 192nd overall
7th round, 229nd overall
7th round, 249th overall (compensatory)

The Falcons first and fourth round picks were part of the compensation for the Julio Jones trade last year.

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