Feds: Dog fighting occurred on Vick’s property

According to an Associated Press report federal investigators filed papers earlier this week indicating that the former property owned by Michael Vick in Surry County, Virginia was an area where dogfighting occurred.

The documents filed on Monday say that the property was a “main staging area for housing and training the pit bulls involved.” However, Vick nor any other individuals were listed in the documents and no charges have been filed. However, Bad Newz Kennels is listed as the entity that was sponsoring dogfights at the property since at least 2002. The documents list that dog fights linked to this property and that group were staged in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Texas.

The documents list collected evidence from the property from the initial April search, in which fifty three pit bulls were recovered, a rape stand, an electric treadmill modified for dogs, and a bloody carpet. Federal investigators became involved in this case when they executed a search of the property in early June. During that search, they recovered the bodies of seven dead pit bulls.

State investigators have been accused of stalling the investigation, and according to a spokesperson for the Virginia State Police are serving in an assistance role with the federal investigation.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has linked to the documents (PDF file).

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  1. Anonymous | July 19, 2007 at 1:47 pm |

    Vick is no different than you or me. I don’t like to fight nor do I want to kill anyone or any animal because I want to and because I can. I say charge him to the highest degree of the law that fits his crime. I expect he will report to his bond hearing and then arrainment in place of training? These dogs were fighting to please their owners and they got killed? I am disgusted with this whole abuse issue.

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