Feeling Nostalgic About the Old FalcFans Podcast?


As most of you are likely aware, myself and my podcast partner Allen Strk joined the Locked on Podcast network a few weeks ago, taking over the mantle of co-hosts of the Locked on Falcons Podcast. It’s a daily podcast and you can find links to every episode on this website in addition to audioBoom.

But many of you longtime, loyal listeners to our former show: the FalcFans Podcast, the Official Podcast of the Falcoholic, might be feeling a bit nostalgic and desire to go down memory lane to listen to nearly four years of archived episodes every now and again. You can do so by subscribing to our archived feed. While all 192 episodes are not included in the feed, you can journey all the way back to March 2014 to episode 60 at the very least. That should give you a very large portrait of most of our best work (I can honestly admit most of the earlier episodes were pretty erratic).

Just click the following link or copy and paste it into your preferred podcast platform in order to subscribe: http://falcfans.com/podcasts/archives.xml

About the Author

Aaron Freeman
Founder of FalcFans.com