Finn in the bin

Well Finneran is the first major casualty of camp this year. Torn ACL in his right knee. What was it the fifth or sixth practice? Well that always seem to be the case with the NFL each summer. Someone usually goes down on the very first day of camp, and each team usually loses a player for a significant time during the first week.

On the boards we called Finn “Clutchy Butterfingers.” He didn’t have the surest hands (thus the butterfingers moniker) but he always managed to come up with the clutch catch or play when we needed one from our receivers (thus the other moniker). A bit oxy moronic, but Finneran someone fit it to a tee.

I can’t really be brief about what Finneran brings to the table. He’s Vick’s favorite WR (thus far) as they’ve been working together since Vick’s first practice. They both were on the 2nd team units back in 2001. He is an ace on special teams. He’s a great redzone target. He is our sure-handed punt returner that when someone is hurt, DeCamillis sends him in to make the fair catch. He even has logged some minutes on defense in prevent defenses because his 6-5 frame is handy on those hail mary plays.

Nobody is going to be able to replace him. The Falcons are talking to Ricky Proehl, and hopefully they sign him. Everyone compared Finn to McCaffrey when he came into the league, but I might want to say that he resembles Proehl a bit more. They aren’t the same size, but they play similarly. Proehl is a sure-handed guy that has made a living over recent years being a reliable vet. Like Finn last year, when he outplayed the Falcons starting pair of WRs, Proehl outplayed Keary Colbert last year in Carolina.

I’m not sold on Pathon’s ability to fill in for Finn. Not too long ago, Pathon was a decent starter. But considering he’s struggled to make rosters over the past year tells me that his skills have diminished significantly.

Oh and don’t worry Falcon fans, Dez White and Peerless Price are both currently employed by other NFL teams, so they won’t be options. You can sleep easy for now.

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