First round of interviews over in San Diego

AP sports writer Bernie Wilson writes that the San Diego Chargers have completed their first round of coaching interviews. The Chargers interviewed six candidates including Falcons defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer on Saturday. The Chargers finished up their first round of interviews by talking to Saints defensive coordinator Gary Gibbs on Sunday. No word if former Falcons head coach Jim Mora will also be interviewed for the job.

With the first round seeming over, the Chargers are now expected to evaluate what they have learned from the six candidates. That could include a second round of interviews for a few select candidates. Among the candidates, Norv Turner and Gibbs are the only ones with head coaching experience. But it’s clear the team wants to continue it’s 3-4 scheme. Zimmer, Gibbs, MIke Singletary, and Rex Ryan are the candidates with the most experience in the 3-4 scheme. However, Zimmer indicated when he was hired with the Falcons, his preference for the 4-3 scheme.

If Zimmer does get the job, it will mean the Falcons will be forced to hire a new defensive coordinator. One candidate for the position is former Lions defensive boss Donnie Henderson. Henderson coached with Bobby Petrino for two years at Idaho in 1989 and 1990. Henderson is also considered a storng candidate to become the next defensive coordinator in San Diego, as speculation indicates he will be the prime candidate if Rex Ryan is hired as head coach.

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