Week 11 Breakdown: VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Week 11 Breakdown: VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Postby Capologist » Fri Dec 02, 2005 7:24 pm

Here's what I saw:


Running game: Run was fairly effective. I think Dunn's slow start goes hand in hand with Vick struggling early on. I liked the fact that Knapp used Duckett to help get us jump started on offense. Things ran much more smoothly when he loosened them up some.

Breakdown of passes:

Vick: 21/38 with 10 bad throws, 2 passes defended, 2 other and 3 drops (Crump, Roddy and Dunn). Vick struggled in the first 1 and a half quarters but finished VERY strong going 13/18 in the 2nd half. I was impressed with his resilience but again, consistency is the key. I know on the last drive, I had full confidence we were going to score.

YTD Drops (22): Brian Finneran (6), Michael Jenkins (4), Dez White (4), Alge Crumpler (4), Roddy White (2), Warrick Dunn (2).

Sack responsibility: Three sacks in this game. On the first, Forney got plain bowled over by McFarland (that's two years in a row he's done that to one of our guys). On the second, Shaffer played matador to Simeon Rice and should have shouted "Ole" as Rice went around him it was just that bad. Shaffer desparately needs help against the better DE's but that's something I think we all knew for quite a while. The final one is the now infamous fumble play. Virtually the same thing happened vs. Green Bay. McClure missed the blitz by Brooks, Dunn tried to save the play but Brooks was at Vick just a hair over 1 second after the snap. Vick had not even finished his dropback. McClure gets this one just as he did last week vs. Green Bay.

Pass blocking: Pretty horrid to be honest about it. Way too many penalties, too much pressure, etc.


Run defense was very, very inconsistent. Youth definitely showed as our line and LB's got blocked out at times, overpursued, caught up in blitzes, you name it, we did it. It's a shame I didn't have to change the first two sentences from the Green Bay game.

Pass rush: No sacks (not a ton of opportunities). We MUST get more pressure.

Pass defense: Wasn't terrible but did have a couple of key breakdown moments.

Tackling is STILL an issue on this team. Scott was tentative and slow arriving to plays. LBs are still being overpowered and blocked out of plays or hanging on instead of tackling. Not acceptable to be honest.

Special Teams:

Kickoff returns featured Duckett twice while Rossum handled 4. Neither averaged 20 yards and was very mediocre especially with blocks in the back, etc. Hopefully, Joe D. will address the penalties on special teams. How hard is it to not touch a guy if you can see his name on his jersey???

Rossum only had 1 punt return and it was for 19 yards. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

Koenen's kickoffs were good outside of the out of bounds. 2 went into the EZ (1 touchback), 2 was to the 2 (1 out of bounds), 1 to the 10and 1 squib kick. Kick coverage was decent but the penalties are just unacceptable. Koenen's punting was sufficient. 2 punts: 1 for a net of 41, 1 for 33 none inside the 20.

Peterson hit his extra points and two short field goals. Koenen missed the 55 yarder at the end of the game.

Untimely bad run defense, untimely turnovers, and a horrid start (although we overcame this one) cost us this one.

Things that really need improvement:

1. Run defense. Still not consisently good

2. Fumbles and linebacker blitz pickups

Offensive MVP: Michael Vick
Defensive MVP: Keith Brooking (5 tackles, 1 INT)
Special Teams MVP: Todd Peterson I guess.

Goat of the Week: Kevin Shaffer, Todd McClure and our run defense

Good news: We didn't quit and actually passed against the Bucs. 6-4 heading into Turkey Day!

Week 12: AT Detriot Lions (Thanksgiving Day)

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