Good post someone made at AFMB.......

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Good post someone made at AFMB.......

Postby The_Incomparable » Mon Dec 05, 2005 12:06 am

VICK75 wrote this message over at AFMB and I thought it was actually a very good post, although Gazoo & Scar poo-poo'd on it. Anyways, it was posted on 12/1 & it reminded me of when Duckett started against them a year or two ago and it makes a ton of sense:

"Vick is always a target, but Carolina will attempt to send early meesages of intimidation by either attempting to hit Vick late while trying to throw from the pocket or by attempting to run.

Tampa tried to do it early in the game and our team got flustered a little bit , committed penalties and our offense sputtered early and we got down 13-0.

Even Detroit with Shaun Rogers tried to 'intimidate' Vick by hitting him after referee blew the whistle and Justin Griffith took issue with that.

Teams are trying to 'send a message'-- often early and the Falcons must be able to counter that..

Teams are concerned with Dunn, but they are MORE concerned with Vick. Dunn may get a good run or two, but if they are able to knock Vick around early in the game, it can cause him to lose confidence especially if our WRs can't step up and make plays on 3rd and long.

Duckett must be involved early and the Falcons must established a physical presence and control the line of scrimmage and make them 'respect' our running game.

There are questions of whether Dan Morgan or Thomas Davis will play due to injuries. One is questionable and the other is doubtful, but things change. However, Carolina may have Davis act as 'the spy' and shadow Vick. Davis is known as a hard hitter and he may take a foul for the team -- if Vick is put out of the game...then he may serve his purpose...

I rather see Duckett at 255 lbs get a chance to 'soften' up the defense, then we can put Dunn and alternate the backs...

Establishing Duckett early would protect Vick/Dunn and take the pressure off of them, then our offense begins to open up with bootlegs, mis-directions and play action...

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