Week 14 Breakdown: VS New Orleans Saints

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Week 14 Breakdown: VS New Orleans Saints

Postby Capologist » Sat Dec 17, 2005 2:01 pm

Here's what I saw:


Running game: Was good this week. It wasn't overpowering but wasn't mediocre either.

Breakdown of passes:

Vick: 12/23 with 6 bad throws, 2 passes defended (1 INT), and 3 other. The INT was more because Dunn was hesitant on laying his block allowing Smith an oportunity to jump up and deflect the ball. Vick was throwing to Jenkins who was open. Overall, not a great day throwing but when added in with his rushing, he had a good day.

Schaub 1/2 with 1 drop (Crump).

YTD Drops (27): Alge Crumpler (9), Brian Finneran (6), Michael Jenkins (4), Dez White (4), Roddy White (2), Warrick Dunn (2).

Sack responsibility: NONE

Pass blocking: It was much better than last week but I would still like to see Vick have 4 seconds before feeling heat on average. Tough to do? Absolutely but the great lines do it and thus should be the goal.


Run defense: Horrid in the first half (110 yards) but then great in the second half (15 yards). Breakdowns in the 1st half seemed to be due to just being overmatched physically more than anything else. Tackling improved somewhat but still needs work.

Pass rush: 3 sacks in the 2nd half and a good deal of pressure throughout the game. One sack resulting in a safety was icing on the cake.

Pass defense: Outside of the last drive before halftime and the last drive of the game, it was great. I've never liked the prevent defense and still don't.

Tackling and laying licks drastically improved the week, we need it to step up even more over the next 3 weeks.

Special Teams:

Kickoff returns: Were average but that is all we can really expect at this point.
Punt returns: Would have been better if it weren't for people still not realizing that if you can read the guy's name on his jersey then don't friggin' hit him! I have never understood how "illegal block in the back" happens. More discipline guys.

Koenen had a great day. 1 Touchback, all but 2 of his kickoffs went into the end zone with no big returns. Averaged 46 on his punts and placement was extremely good.

Peterson stretched himself with a 43 yarder and also made a 20 yarder along with 4 extra points.

Things that really need improvement:

1. Run defense. Still not consistently good (It's a shame I haven't had to change this one in weeks)

2. Consistency on offense, defense and special teams. (I'm keeping this one the same too)

Offensive MVP: Mike Vick
Defensive MVP: DeAngelo Hall
Special Teams MVP: Michael Koenen

Goat of the Week: T.J. Duckett (outside of the TD, where were you?)

Good news: Guaranteed not to have a losing season and 3 games left to make some noise!

Week 15: AT Chicago Bears on Sunday Night!!

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