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Postby MarylandFalcon1 » Mon Jan 16, 2006 7:31 pm

We have all taken our shots at Vick this season, but after Sundays loss by Manning and the Colts are we ready to trade Vick for the likes of a Peyton Manning? Now before you all spit up your Rice Crispies, let me finish.

Peyton might throw for a billion yards and a billion TDs, but he has an outstanding Offensive Line and is boring as all get out.

Neither QB won an NCAA championship, both have struggled with bad defenses, and both have gotten to a League Championship Game.

Vick might not be all that great throwing the ball, but think on this last question.

If Vick had the Colts O-line, Edge, Harrison, Wayne, Stockley, Clark and the Indy Defense, would he have won it all? If your answer is yes, then we should put to rest the thought of switching out Vick for a QB that can throw like Marino... who bye-the-way never got a ring (as I know you all know but I just had to say it :oops: .

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Postby Pudge » Mon Jan 16, 2006 7:46 pm

You make good points. Peyton Manning IS the best quarterback in the NFL. Even with his highly questionable postseason record, he is still the type of QB that every team would love to have.

I'm not going to say Manning is incapable of winning big games. I'm also not going to make excuses for him either, because his level of play does seem to drop off at certain points in the January.

I think a lot of what happens in the 2nd round of the playoffs and beyond has a lot more to do with coaching than people often give credit for. To me, when certain coaches have a history of "choking" in the playoffs, there is some clout to that statement. Dungy is one of them. I'm not saying Dungy is a bad coach, but he can be lumped into that same group of coaches that is Marty Schottenheimer and Bill Cowher, in that he's more than likely going to get you into the playoffs and you have a legitimate shot at making the Super Bowl, but for whatever reason when it comes to that big game that could get you there, more often than not they manage to lose.

The Colts excuse in the past few years has been how poor their defense was. That was not the case this year. The fact was, they lost their edge after going up 13-0, and seemed like they loafed the rest of the way. Well, they loafed their way to a L yesterday.

Yes, if you put Vick with the Colts offensive talent, and he'll probably win that game yesterday. Does he win the big one? I'm not sure, because how many big games has Vick won in his career? vs. Green Bay on the road in 2002. If that constitutes a big game, then sure. But I wouldn't call that a big game, it was more like a tough matchup, which IMO is a completely separate category. Of all the big games during the regular season over his career, at the end when the Falcons needed wins to secure playoff berths, we've lost them. So I think even if you truly upgraded the talent around Vick, you would see the same problems that Manning has suffered through.

In the case of both players, I think there needs to be a better degree of mental toughness and preparation. Also I believe that the ability of their coach plays a huge factor in it. I don't think Jim Mora is ready to be there quite yet. Dungy never has been at that level, and I'm not sure he will ever be.
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