No Falcon Rookies make All rookie team

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No Falcon Rookies make All rookie team

Postby thescout » Mon Jan 16, 2006 10:07 pm

Will the falcon's ever get a rookie on the all rookie team. I know roddy will be good but as you can see other GMs are drafting players in lower rounds and they produce as starters and make some sort of difference.The Falcon's seemingly rarely get anyone on the team.Maybe this is a testimonial to there drafting abiluty.Here we are needing a safety and the Bears get one in the 6th round.The Pats get a corner in the 3rd ,denver also gets corners in the 3rd.The Bucs get a starting guard in the 4th round.I thought Koenen would at least get punter but the vikings rookie beat him.I don't like award type of polls but it makes you wonder if Mckay is the great drafter he has made out to be at least by others.

All-Rookie Team for 2005

By Gil Brandt Senior Analyst

(Jan. 16, 2006) -- One of the most asked questions after the NFL draft is which teams did the best job drafting. My answer was always you have to wait and watch to see who plays and how well they do. This process usually takes several years.

In selecting our rookie team this year, we tried to evaluate what players did this season on the field. There were likely more rookies than ever that had a chance to start. Why? A number of reasons -- partly due to cap problems, some teams like Tennessee needed rookies to start, while others, like New England, had to rely on rookies due to injuries. Nowadays, though, rookies coming into the NFL seem more prepared to play.

Here is my All-Rookie Team for the for 2005 season. There shouldn't be any suprises here, as all these players did a great job playing right out of college.

Kyle Orton · QB · Bears
Drafted: 4th round from Purdue

Started 15 games, winning 10 of them

Carnell Williams · RB · Buccaneers
Drafted: 1st round from Auburn

Rushed for 1,178 yards and six TDs

Madison Hedgecock · FB · Rams
Drafted: 7th round from North Carolina

Started seven games

Drew Hodgdon · C · Texans
Drafted: 5th round from Arizona State

Started three games

Logan Mankins · G · Patriots
Drafted: 1st round from Fresno State

Started all 16 games

Dan Buenning · G · Buccaneers
Drafted: 4th round from Wisconsin

Started all 16 games

Jammal Brown · OT · Saints
Drafted: 1st round from Oklahoma

Started all 13 games he played in

Michael Roos · OT · Titans
Drafted: 2nd round from E. Washington

Started all 16 games

Heath Miller · TE · Steelers
Drafted: 1st round from Virginia

Had 39 catches with six TDS

Mark Clayton · WR · Ravens
Drafted: 1st round from Oklahoma

Injured early but finished with 44 catches

Chris Henry · WR · Bengals
Drafted: 3rd round from West Virginia

Finished with 31 catches and six TDs

Mike Nugent · K · Jets
Drafted: 2nd round from Ohio State

Hit 22 of 28 FG and finished with 90 points

Chris Kluwe · P · Vikings
Undrafted: From UCLA

Signed by Seattle and claimed by Minnesota; sixth in NFL with 44.1 avg.

Erasmus James · DE · Vikings
Drafted: 1st round from Wisconsin

A starter with four sacks

Trent Cole · DE · Eagles
Drafted: 5th round from Cincinnati

A pass rusher who had five sacks

Luis Castillo · DT · Chargers
Drafted: 1st round from Northwestern

Had 49 tackles and 3½ sacks

Mike Patterson · DT · Eagles
Drafted: 1st round from Southern Cal

Had 44 tackles and 3½ sacks

Shawne Merriman · LB · Chargers
Drafted: 1st round from Maryland

Had 10 sacks and is headed to the Pro Bowl

Lofa Tatupu · LB · Seahawks
Drafted: 2nd round from Southern Cal

Full-time starter that led his team in tackles

Odell Thurman · LB · Bengals
Drafted: 2nd round from Georgia

Started 15 of 16 games with five INTs

Darrent Williams · CB · Broncos
Drafted: 2nd round from Oklahoma State

Had two INTs and returned kicks

Ellis Hobbs · CB · Patriots
Drafted: 3rd round from Iowa State

Started final eight games of the season

Chris Harris · S · Bears
Drafted: 6th round from Louisiana-Monroe

Started 13 games with three INTs

Nick Collins · S · Packers
Drafted: 2nd round from Bethune-Cookman

Started all 16 games and was third leading tackler

Jerome Mathis · KR · Texans
Drafted: 4th round from Hampton

Averaged 28.6 yards on kick returns with two TDs; going to Pro Bowl

Brady Poppinga · Coverage · Packers
Drafted: 4th round from Brigham Young

Injury ended a season with 22 special-teams tackles

Offensive Rookie of the year

Carnell "Cadillac" Williams, BR, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Williams ran for 1,178 yards, scored six touchdowns, caught 20 passes and started the season with three straight 100-yard games. The Bucs won all three

Defensive rookie of the year

Lofa Tatupu, LB, Seattle Seahawks
The Seattle defense improved from 26th overall in 2004 to 17th in 2005, and from 23rd vs. the run to fifth. Tatupu not only led the Seahawks in tackles, but he was 30 tackles ahead of the second player.

Future player to watch

Reynaldo Hill, CB, Tennessee Titans
Hill played in 15 games, starting 10 of them with 48 total tackles, three interceptions and six passes defensed. When the Titans improve, so will he.

Many worthy players have been left off the award list. Some of them because of injuries (Braylon Edwards ) and some because of the quality if players at that position (Ronnie Brown ). But overall this was a very good group of rookies and many should have outstanding careers in the NFL.

Trivia time
Name the rookie wide receiver who caught the most passes this season. Click here for the answer

Did you know

1. The Dallas Cowboys had the most starts by rookie players with 47. That was followed by Tennessee (44) and Miami (41).

2. The Carolina Panthers had the least amount of starters by rookie players with just two, both by Thomas Davis. Buffalo had three and Indianapolis had four.

3. Rookies combined to start 750 games this season.

4. Arizona had 10 starts by undrafted rookie free agents.

5. Undrafted rookie Derrick Wimbush of Jacksonville averaged 24.5 yards on kickoff returns and was a kick coverage star.

6. Three rookies from the Southeastern Conference in college started 41 games for the Dolphins. Ronnie Brown (Auburn, 14 starts), Channing Crowder (Florida, 13 starts) and Travis Daniels (LSU, 14 starts).

7. The 49ers had the most rookies make the team with 13, and 12 of them saw time on the field.

8. Five teams -- Dallas, Miami, New England, Tampa Bay, Tennessee -- started three rookies at the same time for more than eight games during the season.

9. The Cardinals had seven draft picks and all seven made the team
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Postby Pudge » Tue Jan 17, 2006 9:49 pm

Well considering one of the biggest factors in who makes the all-rookie team is playing time, it's not really a distinction I think is too important.
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Postby mickvick302 » Tue Jan 17, 2006 10:43 pm

Koenen deserves it
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