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Postby PB21 » Wed Mar 01, 2006 9:10 am

I'll start with a theme that many will hear for some time until proven otherwise. The Falcons young WRs will shock the NFL World this season! 2nd year vet Roddy White and 3rd season vet Michael Jenkins are their names for all you that aren't familiar. Both guys ran a sub 4.4 40,...I repeat, they both have run a sub 4.4 40 yard dash,...and ya know what?,...on a side note, lots of Falcons do! Anyway, in order to get these guys around 100 catches between them and add about 30 for Crump(Pro Bowler Alge Crumpler)?,...guess who has to throw those passes?

It is human nature to want something to happen that everyone doesn't want to happen, or at least it's like the underdog syndrome,...wanting the guy or team that everyone hisses at to win. It has become that way, at least to me, about Michael Vick. Since 2002,...myself, and I'm sure all Falcons fans have heard it all about the guy. The list is something that should be posted regularly so it won't be lol repeated so often. But ya'll must understand that Vick gets the most serious and objective scrutiny from his dearest fans, not some writer in Philly. That's why he has this opportunity in 2006,...he's gonna have the mini camps, or passing camps, whatever, to get in sync with two blazing guys. Jenkins is freaking 6'4" and White is a blazer,...that old bs about being a downfield threat ain't no bs when it comes to White. But getting back to Vick,...

If ya'll recall, a few of us noticed a change in the offense around the middle of last season,...here's a lil thingie that vindicates we with that recognised it.

QB Michael Vick isn't the only one who thinks the Falcons' offense needs a few tweaks. Falcons coaches are working on tailoring the passing game to better suit Vick's rare abilities. Look for Atlanta to run more plays in which Vick is on the move. He'll be encouraged to set up at different points in the backfield. Vick will be operating more on the edge, and the team will deploy a moving pocket. The Falcons are planning on using fewer of the three- to five-step drops that are the staple of the West Coast passing game.

Additionally, look for the team to use more designed quarterback runs.

In fact,...the Falcons coaches have been desperately working to taylor the offense to better suit Vick's,...listen that bs, rare abilities, for two years now. That right there infers the run which they admit in that last sentence. For the last 5 years, Dan Reeves and Greg Knapp have called designed QB runs,...these guys, aren't they funny? More designed QB runs? More than usual? Like 10 carries a game? Anyway,...

It's fine to run a rollout passing attack as the report, ahem, reports but,...that'll mean Vick will run with the ball IMO more often, and those blows he'll receive could open the door to GASP an injury. I'm sorry to be the first to say that Vick might get hurt because he runs the football so much,...I know it's a shock and I'm sorry.

Vick will be encouraged?,...hmmmm, encouraged to set up at different points in the backfield. THAT IS THE WEST COAST OFFENSE! The QB sets to the left of the pocket or to the right, judging upon the route and of course, the coverage. This is classic WCO QB mechanics that some of us witnessed Joe Montana and Steve Young work to absolute perfection on their way into the Hall. That takes, as we know, great blocking from both sides of the line. But then the report suggests the play calling will include moving pockets,...now THAT'S Dan Reeves forte` to be certain. Moving the pocket is designed to protect a QB that is often under pressure or cannot escape pressure, if you'll remember Chris Chandler and his Swiss cheese O-line for too many seasons.

And we already have noticed the change from less 3 to 5 step drops to more 5 to 7 step drops, haven't we?

Pardon my rambling,...but I found this report coinciding to a huge degree with what many Falcons fans feel will be a potent duo,...Roddy and Michael, and Michael,...DVD turn MRM? One of those Ms has to get it done,...bigtime. My gawsh, when you have a security blanket like Alge,...

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Postby Pudge » Thu Mar 02, 2006 1:53 am

Well, PB, I just want to say that despite whatever Jenkins has timed at, 4.4 or whatever, he's really not that fast ont he field. You'll be able count on one hand how many times you'll see #12 reliving that deep ball from Vick vs. the Eagles in 2006. White is going to get the deep throws, Jenkins is going to catch a lot of the short passes.

One beef I have with the mobile pocket means it puts more pressure on the OTs to secure the ends. We saw last year, how much more problems Vick had when defenses were able to effectively contain him with an athletic RDE.

I'm curious to see what things Musgrave, Knapp, Cable, and Gibbs together draw up to make our passing game improve.

The main thing in order to make MRM happen in my mind is if Vick takes the extra time to get on the same page with Jenkins and Roddy. Peyton Manning is telepathic with his WRs because before every game he goes out there and workson his timing with all his WRs. I think he throws something like 30 balls before each game, just to keep their timing sharp once the whistle blows. I hope Vick can develop a rapport with Roddy & Jenks that is close to that.
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Postby dirtybirdnw » Thu Mar 02, 2006 12:44 pm

One thing Vick needs to do is what Eli Manning is doing with Plaxico and Shockey. They are meeting down in Florida to work together and get in sync. Vick should be doing the same thing with his receivers.
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